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Hi! My name is Meridith and I’m a Freedom Facilitator and Systems Strategist


I support booming business owners like yourself so you can reclaim your time and freedom by setting up back-end systems and hiring your first team member.

I get it, you’ve made it this far through serving clients well, self-reliance, and a whole lot of grit. Kudos to you my friend, because flying solo is not easy.


The truth is, even if you don’t feel “ready” for next-level growth, it’s right around the corner.


To rise above those time-sucking tasks and into scale mode, you’ll need a strategy to get you focused on what you do best — making more money and being the CEO.

And Trust Me When I Say, I've Been There.

They say failing helps you learn and do better for next time.

But I'd rather you learn from my mistakes and skip straight to the part where you have streamlined systems and a powerful team already behind you.

See, back in 2018 when I started my business, I remember feeling drowned in work and desperate for support.

So I did what anyone would do – hire someone to take tasks off my plate.

I was waaay over my head. Out of desperation, I hired too quickly and the relationship didn't work out because I didn't set either of us up for success. That's when I realized you need to have systems and outsource the right tasks to grow.


Once I nailed down the foundation and made strategic hires, I scaled my business to a full functioning 6-figure agency leading 5 team members within 8 months.


Now you may not see yourself with an agency (or maybe you do). Either way, if you want to scale, you'll need to outsource efficiently and effectively so you can get out of the day-to-day and into your role as CEO.

Yes, you can do it easily the first time.

And Yes, I'm Excited to Show You How.

No matter whether you’re wanting to get to 6 figures or go from 6 to multiple 6-7 figures, we are here to support you.


If you want support, collaborating, brain-picking, and cheerleading for your tough days and get a feel for what it looks like to be fully supported by the best coaches and fellow entrepreneurs in the industry – then I invite you to join our free Wealthy Coach Facebook Community.

If you’re ready to step into a coaching business that replaces your clinician income in a relaxed way, then I invite you to apply for my next round of the Wealthy Coach Collective coaching program.

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