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Hi there, I’m Shawn. 
Business coach and love evangelist.


I love to help PT and health entrepreneurs double or triple their salary in a business they love while having Mondays and Fridays off and falling in love with every part of their lives

If you’re anything like me when you’re working with clients– you feel completely in the zone –


You’re able to love on and connect SO deeply with them–


…That your heart flutters as they blow up your email right after their session to tell you how loved and supported they feel

But the problem is

No matter what you try, your client referrals are hot and cold – some months it feels like you’ve finally found THE thing that brings MORE clients just like them – and your heart SOARS with delight!

…and then other months your heart just sinks because you’re barely breaking even.

And if we’re being honest – you feel your stomach curl when you realize the only thing that’s consistently growing is NOT your client calendar…it is your to-do list.


You’ve tried to get advice and hired business consultants to just tell you what to do, but no matter what they tell you, you feel like you’ll break through faster if you just do it all yourself…


… so it’s done right.

Listen friend—

It’s simply not true that having a fully booked calendar means you have to stay up until 11 PM every night in front of your laptop checking things off your list that give you a brief sense of accomplishment, but put no more dollars in your bank account or give you back time with your family


So I get what you’re feeling right now, because I’ve been there too. And I’ll share my story in just a sec.

But First, the Truth.

The truth is – the gateway to actually moving the needle to having Fridays and Mondays off and doubling or tripling your salary.

Is not by being a lone wolf and isolating yourself on your own island.

You and I both know that for every huge accomplishment you’ve ever achieved – and let’s be honest, there’s a lot of them, because that’s how you roll –

It took a wolf pack of coaches, teachers, and mentors around you.


Which means, once you finally let go of trying to master and control everything yourself 


And you choose courage and trust and get support – you completely crush it in all you do

And each time you’ve done that, you’re reminded just how good it can feel to surround yourself with people who totally get you


As a business owner, that means you can not only harness that supportive energy to 2x or 3x your salary and work only 6 hour days 


But also shift into a powerful space of courage that lets you fall in love with every piece of life


So you can show up in your marriage, business, and with your friends and family as the playful person you’ve always been with unbreakable belief in the power and capability you have to help others heal.


I know this to be true because I’ve literally walked this journey myself, and I’d love to share a little about my story with you.


When I was little, I completely adored everything about gymnastics – even when it was hard and painful or when I was crying and frustrated with a broken foot … and plowing through training anyway.

I loved mastering a new skill and more importantly – how it felt to move my body.


Nobody could leap like I could.

From that first moment I rose up on my toes to that first step moving forward, it felt like electricity was moving through my body propelling me into the air.


I felt like I was FLYING.


It brings me to tears just thinking about it


I felt POWERFUL, like I owned that space. Nothing else mattered.


It was joyful, I was in love with life


Most importantly, it was the only place in my life that I felt like I belonged.


It certainly helped that I was *kind of* the favorite of all the coaches and loved by all of them.


I could truly be myself and was completely cared for by adults, unlike the other places in my life – school and home – where I always felt like I was falling behind or getting in trouble.

Success at school never came easy for me, or at all. Unlike gymnastics I felt anything but powerful or like I owned the space.

After being completely humiliated in front of my 2nd grade class by my teacher, I concluded that the only thing I was good at was gymnastics, and I was otherwise not smart enough to fit in at school.


For 20 years I scraped by in school and college, never really trying very hard. I isolated myself, was afraid to ask for help, and never applied that same gymnast mentality to learning.

I remember looking up to my Aunt Judy, who was petite and beautiful (just like me) but was unlike any other woman I knew in my family.

She married an NFL football player, had a huge house in Atlanta I always wanted to live in every time I visited, and ran a successful business.


She was the only woman in my family who ever made over 100K. It dawned on me that beautiful and smart people can make money.


And I decided that day that not only did I WANT to be smart and accomplished like her – but also – that I already was.


I asked myself, “what do smart people do?” and concluded “They read.” 

And even though it then took me 7 years to finish college and an additional handful of years to get my PhD, I committed that day to a lifetime of reading and learning.


Plus, I knew deep in my heart I had a gift – a gift to help people become happier.


Back in junior high I would tune out on what my teacher was saying and daydream about helping people. I saw myself on stage, in a spotlight. 


At first I thought I’d become a teacher, but I knew teachers didn’t make over 100K, so I figured I needed to be a business owner.


Upon completing my PhD (where I got the first A’s of my life!), I spent a hot minute working in a traditional therapy practice.


But I soon realized it was not for me (plus, I didn’t like being told what to do!)


Plus, my mentors had just attended the first ever coaching conference – back when you would call yourself a coach and people would ask “For what sport?”


I poured over the cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes!) from the conference and knew that coaching was for me.


Not to mention, it was a clear avenue to start my own business.


So I did. 

But the problem was – I had no idea what I was doing. 


I started an “e-zine” (what is now email marketing) when the internet was still new, but had no idea what to write

I was a networking whore – attended 3-5 networking events a week, which I hated, because I always felt like everyone was there to “get” something and I was trying too hard to fit in

Tried to convince people to hire me for reasons that I wasn’t even sure of because I didn’t know how to tell people that “I taught people how to be happier” 

I changed my niche every week – like a middle schooler trying on new clothes to fit in

I got a book on how to create speaking events to get new clients, but my talks were so bad with 972 slides that were the regurgitation from an entire coaching book

I was alllll over the place, which was exhausting and confusing. 


No matter what I tried, most months I had more of an ebb than a flow of clients.


I loved my clients so much, and they left each session and emailed me telling me how loved they felt.


But I couldn’t figure out how to get MORE of them.


There was a gnawing sensation in my heart—that there were SO MANY MORE people I could be helping and I didn’t know how to get to them.


And my heart WANTED to help so many more people (and still does)

I knew I was put on this planet by the Universe to teach happiness, and I’d fall into a heap crying because I just hadn’t found THE way yet. 

Ironically, I remember one day well into my years as a coach admiring – once again – my smart and beautifully accomplished Aunt Judy.


And the thought came across my mind “I need to make as much money as Aunt Judy did and then I’ll be successful and good enough and prove my worth.”


There it was. On the surface, I LOVED my clients and my work.


But deep down – unconsciously – I was only chasing that $100K goal, thinking when I got there, I would finally arrive.


And ironically, I had been stuck at making $50K-$60K for 8 years.


At first, I remember thinking I might have to go get a job.


But that totally didn’t jive with my gypsy nomad spirit that wanted to be completely FREE.


So I concluded “oh well, this is fine, I guess I will just live here at $50K-$60K and spend less, but still get to do what I want, when I want, how I want.”


The problem was – that gnawing sensation in my heart did not go away. It just grew.

I was trying things over and over again and hoping they would stick. But nothing was working.


Thankfully I met this coach – who was the first person who illuminated exactly what I had been missing.


He helped me learn how to describe myself and services in a way that felt compelling to people, and of course, how to turn those people into clients.


But most importantly, he helped me see that for YEARS in my business, I had isolated myself on an island.


Just like young student Shawn who isolated herself after being humiliated by her teachers.


Even though I was completely committed to learning to grow a business, I has mistakenly believed that that strong independent entrepreneurs are supposed to go at all that learning and growing alone.


That THIS was the marker of success.


But once I allowed myself to receive all the goodness that coach had to teach me, I felt like gymnast Shawn again


Totally in my element

Flying through my work and life with joy

So open to receiving input and guidance 

And yes – even being the *favorite* :)


I realized that being a lone wolf and isolating myself on an island while trying the same thing over and over again and getting the same result (side note – isn’t the definition of insanity?) was not going to accomplish this dream.


I was born again, and I had a wolf pack of support around me to help me thrive.


And as a result, not only did my business triumph, but all that energy of receiving support spilled over into every other part of my life, too.


I tripled the income I was making and continued to grow year after year. That’s right, I became just as accomplished as Aunt Judy


I reimagined what receiving love could look like in a marriage, and built a foundation of support and adventure in full time travel with my adorable hubby Chris, all while harmoniously adding him to my business team


I elevated the caliber of clients I called in – from clients who needed me to do everything for them to clients who grabbed the bull by the horns and made the same progress in 2 months that my previous clients took 2 years to achieve

Eventually I got hooked on finding a simpler way, solution focus, and surrounding myself with support.

And it has been such a privilege to take what I’ve learned for myself and guide entrepreneurs like YOU to not only fall deeply in love with your lives and build thriving businesses, but also see it spill over.


Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the Universe called my husband and I to join forces with this amazing team so we can guide clients to create consistent 5 figure months, have Mondays and Fridays off, and have extraordinarily love-filled, happy lives.

This can be your reality, too.

I remember what it was like to be in your shoes right now and if someone would have told me how easy it could have been I would have jumped on the opportunity.


Because if you’re anything like me, you know that when you finally let go of trying to do everything on your own – lone wolfing – and you get the right wolfpack of support and guidance for you, you can stop trying so hard to figure it all out yourself –

And instead, you can finally break out as the standout leader in your niche with a business that quantum leaps your goals.

When I finally got coached and CLEAR on the exact steps I needed to take to create my own thriving 6 figure business–


I remember thinking “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

This Could Be a Reality for You
No matter whether you’re wanting to get to 6 figures or go from 6 to multiple 6-7 figures, we are here to support you.

If you want support, collaborating, brain-picking, and cheerleading for your tough days and get a feel for what it looks like to be fully supported by the best coaches and fellow entrepreneurs in the industry – then I invite you to join my free Be the Boss of Your Career Mastermind Facebook Community.

If you’re ready to fully commit to creating a business you love that gets you consistent 5 figure months and 4 day weekends, then I invite you to apply for my next round of the Be the Boss of Your Career Discovery Program.

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