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A Coaching Skills Primer for the Clinician

Guide patients and clients to illuminate and reclaim healing, joy, and freedom in their lives with an intuitive coaching approach

Now available on-demand through Nov 9, 2024



Approved for 5.0 Continuing Competency Hours by APTA Georgia through Nov 9, 2024

Elevate and reignite your joy in client care by never again being expected to have all the answers, and exhaust yourself with hands on care

Work with clients who crave the deeper mindset, spiritual, and energetic work versus the “quick fix” physical modalities that keep them divested from their care

Sell high end coaching programs to clients ready to invest in themselves instead of relying on health insurance to decide what they (and you) can & cannot do

Are you a clinician READY to elevate your skills and presence as a COACH and redefine the type of health and life available to you and your clients?

So then I'm curious --
wouldn't it be incredible if you could...

Feel energized at the end of your 3-day work week with an intuitive coaching practice that helps clients (and you!) step out of the rigid, draining and achievement-based medical model to instead harness the client’s own autonomy of deep wisdom and healing

Leave a lasting imprint on the deepest parts of your clients’ lives by elevating your confidence and skill to coach about mindset, spirit, relationships, trauma, family history … without fear of stepping out of your clinical scope

Feel so aligned and certain in your identity as a coach that your colleagues refer you clients who arrive saying “I don’t know exactly what you do, but I’ve heard wonderful things and I know you’re the right person for me”

Having dream clients show up ready to challenge their limiting beliefs and mindset hangups while trading in chaotic self care checklists and perfectionistic nutrition and exercise regimens for mindful stillness and calm in their lives

I can literally SEE you nodding through the internet 😉

Duh! Of course that would be incredible!

If you agree, then you're in the right place.

I've created this first-of-its-kind course just for you

Is this you?

You’re a licensed clinician ITCHING to shift into a coaching-centered practice because you know that the rigid medical model you’ve been in for years just won’t cut it for your clients – or for you – any longer


Not to mention, you know from your own personal experience that it's really important to address the deeper issues – mindset, spirituality, energetics, healing trauma, and nervous system regulation – that have a HUGE impact on your own health and well being.


Like the intentional (and possibly nerdy – no, DEFINITELY nerdy!) provider you are, you've tried lots of things to elevate your skills and presence as a coach, like 


  • Getting trained in health coaching, functional medicine, neuro-linguistic programming, nutrition, hormones, Reiki, or breathwork

  • Taking courses on motivational interviewing or trauma-informed care

  • Incorporating tactics from books such as The Coaching Habit, Atomic Habits, The Body Keeps the Score, or A Course in Miracles

  • Fangirling and quoting Glennon Doyle, Mel Robbins, Paulo Coelho and Brene Brown on the reg’ (I see them on your IG stories, and I love them too!)

  • Stumbled over your words trying to explain what the heck coaching actually is and how it’s different AND more valuable than clinical work

But no matter how many times you try and empower your clients to fully own their decisions and care, the majority of them still expect you to fix them or have all the answers


Which leaves you feeling puzzled – wondering what you’re missing? 

You can’t help but think “What am I not doing RIGHT?”


And if you’re being REALLY honest – your heart sinks and you feel a pit in your stomach every time you finish a session with a clinical client 

Not because you don’t love helping them and they’re not grateful

But because you know deep down that this part of your professional journey has run its course

And even though it feels really nerve wracking to say it out loud

You’re just not sure you want to do clinical practice work much longer.

​If that’s you, I get it! I’ve been there.

And so have my clients.

And look, I know this about you--

You LONG to be FREE to intuitively guide and expand your clients’ lives with the deeper mindset, nutrition, and spirituality skills you can as a coach​

And I also know that nobody else does it quite like you do. You KNOW your clients can move further and faster -- with coaching.

But right now, you’re wobbly on the conviction and certainty you must have to stand solid behind your identity and intention as a coach

This changes now.

After helping thousands of clinician-turned-coaches shift into guiding patients and clients to healing, joy, and freedom with an intuitive coaching approach


I have noticed that there are 4 keys elements you're MISSING when it comes to fully embodying what it takes to step with conviction into an embodied coaching practice

In this online course, I'm here to help you unlock those keys and EFFORTLESSLY become a coach who embodies what it takes to appear confident and sought-after in the minds of your most aligned clients -


Because let's face it -- you do powerful work, and you deserve to follow that calling from your soul and finally step into your identity as a coach –  without having to rely on a "stable" clinical job you've outgrown to support you any longer.

Here's what you'll discover in this 5-hour course

Point 1 (WEALTH OF CERTAINTY): Solidify safety & certainty in your coach identity and skills while surrendering the ties that bind in the rigid medical model, licensure restrictions, insurance and payer regulations, and Clinician Contract that holds you & your clients back. 

Point 2 (WEALTH OF CONVICTION) : Root yourself in conviction in the transformation you help your most ideal clients achieve, one that you can fully get behind right now and calls in empowered clients ready to take the reins in their own lives instead of relying on you to do all the “fixing” and “healing” for them

​​Point 3 (WEALTH OF CONTRIBUTION) : Create and offer an irresistible coaching program that allows you to confidently contribute outstanding results and FREE yourself and your clients from the clinical services holding you back

​​Point 4 (WEALTH OF CAPTIVATION) :  Become the captivating go-to coach by identifying the exact revenue-generating and marketing activities that will attract aligned clients ready to do the deeper work and fill your coaching schedule in half the effort and time

In this course, you'll discover what you're missing AND how to go FROM

Wondering how to delicately discuss the client’s tendency to put themselves last, not set boundaries, overcommit themselves, and people please without upsetting them


Knowing in your heart  a coaching program would be SO much better for your clinical clients, but holding yourself back from offering it because you’re afraid they won’t see the value


Being tired of the masculine “pass / fail” medical model that states that your clients (and you) are failing if you don’t get rid of a chronic or complex medical condition and contribute as a productive member of society

Chatting with your clinical colleagues about how the mindset, emotional and nervous system regulation work you do as a coach would be SO beneficial to their clients, but you fear they’ll question whether it’s credible or if you’re practicing psychotherapy without a license

Being a personal development “junkie” and wondering how you can apply all you’ve learned for yourself to your own clients, especially when your clinical scope really only allows you to bill for physical body impairments and disabilities

​Working 5-day weeks having to be physically present to cup, manipulate, needle, or tactile cue your clients

Getting tongue-tied or having diarrhea of the mouth every time someone asks you to explain the difference between coaching and clinical work

Hold space as your clients geek out and willingly examine and dismantle their own limiting beliefs and barriers to change, being grateful to you as you shed light on the blind spots they can’t see 


Confidently offering coaching as the first-line option to clients who are a perfect match and not even mentioning to them the option for clinical work

Stepping feminine and intuitive approach that helps clients discover the freedom and autonomy to redefine and reclaim what “healing” and “winning” means to them

Receiving referrals for your coaching program from your clinical colleagues – all with clients who come ready to say yes and enroll because they’ve heard such good things about you

Having the confidence and skill to coach about mindset, spirit, relationships, trauma, family history and truly impact all of the areas that help your clients’ healing.

Having Mondays and Fridays off to be present with your family, go to yoga, put away your laundry, or travel for a date weekend without cramming it all in

Feeling so certain in your identity as a coach that the most dreamy clients show up and say “I don’t know exactly what you do, but I’ve been following all you’re saying and feel this strong pull to work with you right now”

Sounds amazing, right? I can see you nodding now,
which means it’s time to tap that button and sign up


About your coach, Julie


Hey there! I’m Julie, an intuitive marketing coach and truth illuminator. I'm also a recovering (retired?) clinician.


I love to guide clinician-turned-coach entrepreneurs to shift into an embodied coach identity and replace their income as coaches – so that they can illuminate the freedom and joy Divinely present for their clients and themselves.

When I started my coaching business, all I wanted was to replace the income I earned in my own PT business and get 4 day weekends.


I was a new coach, freshly out of health coach certification, and was armed with sticky notes and checklists on how to coach the “right” way.


I could help them interpret their lab values, balance their hormones with nutrition and supplements, and build a powerful army of support in their medical team.

And within 6 months I was able to replace my clinical income in my business with coaching clients.

Sounded good, right?

But three problems seemed to plague me like a thorn in my side

(1) It seemed like clients still came to me wanting me to heal them or fix them. Not to mention, my physician and PT colleagues would refer me clients for coaching who then came expecting me to give them all the answers and then provide them a superbill for their HSA <eye roll>

(2) It seemed I was constantly tongue-tied or word vomiting trying to explain the difference between coaching and clinical work...and people still looked at me sideways with that "smile and nod" that meant they didn't get it

(3) I felt like I had to be constantly ON (and dance on Instagram) in order to stand out in a loud sea of coaches online and maintain the steady flow of coaching clients.

To make matters worse, I was only still barely replacing my clinician income.

After missing Pilates then snapping at my husband for the 3rd time for leaving a sock in the middle of the floor (how dare he?)

The embarrassing truth washed over me–


“Shit Julie. How is this coaching business really any different from your life as a PT?”


This time though, I couldn’t attribute it to the paperwork and superbills and “do you take my insurance” questions I used to constantly field as a PT.


I was just doing it to myself. 


I remember wondering -- how do HELL do people run a coaching business AND go to Vail to ski for 2 weeks in February?

My bike hadn't gotten any attention from me for 6 months.

I saw clinician-turned-coach colleagues thriving and felt like that was so far off for me.


This made a lot of sense when I looked at what so many other coach entrepreneurs were saying--


That growing a coaching practice would take 5 years of hustle (and a ton of pushy online marketing) to make the big bucks.

I was so tired of agreeing to “rules” that said I had to “put in my time” so that other professionals would not feel uncomfortable around me. So, I made my own.

Against the advice of several colleagues, I created a unique 4-step Wealthy Coach Framework that allowed me to double my clinic owner salary to $200K in just 9 months and get 2-3 days back per week...

And now it has evolved into an online coaching business that has allowed me to


  • Create multiple $1 million+ years through sell-out programs for coaches across the globe

  • Eliminate $150K in student loan debt in one fell swoop while traveling full time in an Airstream with my husband and  pups

  • Pay full price for lay down seats on trip to Europe with a team to handle the hard parts of my biz while I bike through glaciers

  • Feel FULLY in tune with clients in my sessions – trusting that the right questions woul download at the perfect time, and never having to "prepare" or read a script or sticky note to coach "the right way" ever again

  • Purchase a newly renovated home in a vacation town full of beautiful furniture from West Elm, not Target

  • Enjoy 3 SLOW days off every week to hike, bike, paddleboard and lay around and read over coffee


I couldn’t be more grateful to myself standing up to the “rules” and choosing to make my own. But I'm not a magical unicorn.


This is a vision I hold for EVERY clinician who wants to become a WEALTHY coach.


That means-- you can do this too.

I have helped thousands of clinician-turned-coaches to do exactly that.

I'd love to invite you to join this movement and move beyond trading hours for dollars with this one-of-a-kind audit and coaching session, where I'll show you exactly how to do that yourself.

 Our client results illuminate what is possible for you

175_Sarah Dueffert Headshots 2022 - Sarah Dueffert.jpeg

I was constantly RUSHING in my neuro PT business … rushing to drop my son at daycare, rushing to cook dinner, and rushing to get all my marketing done so I could SLEEP.


Now, I have the confidence to fully market myself as a coach – and never be afraid of getting in trouble with the “PT police or working with clients across state lines”

And best of all –I have confidently sold $5000 coaching programs and even made $10K in ONE DAY. 


My life has completely changed, now I have full days off with my son, and I no longer feel rushed!

Sarah Dueffert
Neuro PT - turned - POTS Wellness Coach

Profie Photo 600 x600 befunky-min - Dawn Allen.png

Before following this methodology, I worked 60 hour weeks as a nurse practitioner- and I worked as hard as I could to make my boss happy. 


Now, I have passed the 6-figure mark in my own health coaching business and have been able to scale back my employee job to just 2 days per week and I'm ready to go fulltime in my mindset coaching business.


I've taken a ton of clinical trainings in my life, and this was by far more valuable training that anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.

Dawn Allen
Doctor of Nursing Practice - turned- Mindset Coach

KB - Kristin Bignell.png

“As a clinician turned teen volleyball wellness coach, there were a LOT of unknowns for me in navigating how to market myself as a coach and fill a group program, knowing whether to speak to parents teens or both. 

One thing I didn’t know, I didn’t know was that unlike my clinical business - there weren’t really rules I had to follow in my coaching business, and this sat REALLY well with me, even though the lack of rules felt scary.

Now I have been able to sell out my teen volleyball wellness program with just ONE webinar, and already have people signing up for the next one"

Kristin Bignell
Sports Physio - turned - Teen Volleyball Wellness Coach


What's included in the Course:

Expert guidance and teaching from Julie in a  5-hour online course ($2500 value)-- Walk away with the exact steps you need to fully embody your unique and authentic coaching presence

A beautiful full color course manual ($500 value)-- so that you can really drop in and be present to receive all of the wisdom in the program and not feel like you need to meticulously take notes

Want in? 


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