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Hi there! I’m Jeanne.
I’m your inner wisdom tour guide.


I love to guide clinicians and coaches to navigate the curves and swerves of entrepreneurship by tapping into their own powerful inner guide to become whole in their lives and businesses.

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur, let alone someone who guides other entrepreneurs.

In fact, for a long time – I was on the struggle bus, completely untapped from my own inner wisdom and guidance.

As a teen, I was ruled by anorexia and bulimia. I had zero trust in myself and was always craving control.

After endless years of therapy, I learned that lack of control was OK (maybe even fun!), and I had a choice in what I did with the swerves in my life.


An adventurous spirit was born.

I swerved and explored life for a few years: living in Spain and surviving earthquakes in San Francisco.


It was there that I realized I could come home to myself as a physical therapist.


My first job was an amazing opportunity – but also showed me there was so much to learn.


Turns out, I wasn’t quite home yet.
So I swerved again.

I immersed myself in learning an integrated approach – manual therapy, energy work, pelvic rehab – that finally felt like both my clients and I were coming home again.

It also gave me space to get married and have 2 incredible daughters.I immersed myself in learning an integrated approach – manual therapy, energy work, pelvic rehab – that finally felt like both my clients and I were coming home again.

It also gave me space to get married and have 2 incredible daughters.

Things were smooth and perfect and the swerves had ended on my path home...right?


The joke was on me when the clinic I had worked in for over 15 years abruptly closed its doors.  

The place I’d put down roots in my career disappeared in the blink of an eye.


I felt unmoored, drifting, and anything but at home.

I thought “What am I supposed to do now?”

It reminded me of my earlier days where I felt so out of control in my body and life.

And after a bit of time feeling through the layers of emotion and fear, surrender came.

This was a BIG swerve – and I’d been around enough adventure and swerves to know my inner guide would show me the way at just the right time.

I remember where I was – walking through a beautiful Minnesota forest on a crisp fall day – when a voice popped in my head.


“You can do better than that clinic, Jeanne. It’s no longer your home. It’s time to create your own.”

What? ME?


Having sworn up and down I’d never be a business owner, I found myself staring at the yellow and red leaves, awash with wonder and panic.

The leaves waved in the wind as if they were nodding and nudging me on.

My favorite quote popped in my head


“When you really want something, all the Universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

— Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist

A knowingness washed over me. Maybe I DID want this, after all.

As uncertain and blind as I felt, my swervy adventure spirit took over.

That’s when Inner Wisdom Wellness, my beautiful thriving PT and coaching practice, was born.


Barely a website

Zero social media presence

No schmoozing with doctors

I’ve followed my own guidance to build an overbooked practice with a 4 week waiting list with little to no traditional marketing:


But as the story goes for me, that wasn’t home for long.

This time, I swerved again – and for the first time – got help and support from someone else to come home to myself in more lasting and loving ways.


That’s when I met Dr. Julie Granger and joined the Wealthy Coach Collective.

I loved it so much I took the program twice, and then I was so hooked I enrolled in coaching with Julie's program TWICE.

Joining the Wealthy Coach Collective (then called the Be the Boss of Your Career Program) was the gift that kept on giving – showing me possibilities for freedom and coming home that I never imagined on my own.


Perhaps the hardest thing for me to learn in my life and career has been to let go of control and receive support.

I was brought up to believe I must always take care of everyone else first.


I now see that joining forces with this mastermind and team has continued to be a source of inspiration, guidance and connection that I truly wanted all along.

It has been a community that has taught me so much about the power of sharing our struggles and triumphs – and reaching out when we get stuck!

And now, I’m thrilled to be a part of this program and give back to clinicians-turned-coaches just like you.

If you’re ready to come home to yourself inside a business and life that feels like home to YOU, I’d love to invite you to uncover and follow the small voice in your heart that says NOW is the time and THIS is the place for you.

No matter whether you’re wanting to get to 6 figures or go from 6 to multiple 6-7 figures, we are here to support you.

I'll Have Your Back Every Step of the Way.

If you want support, collaborating, brain-picking, and cheerleading for your tough days and get a feel for what it looks like to be fully supported by the best coaches and fellow entrepreneurs in the industry – then I invite you to join our free Wealthy Coach  Community FB Group.

If you’re ready to fully commit to creating a business you love that replaces your clinician income and allows you to work just 2-3 half days per week, apply to join the Wealthy Coach Collective coaching program.

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