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Hey there! I’m Julie, an intuitive marketing coach, business doula, and truth illuminator.


I love to guide clinician-turned-coaches to illuminate a business full of heart-aligned clients they love while having 3-4 free days per week to do whatever the heck you want.

If you’re anything like me, your clients email you after your sessions glowing about how good they feel


And you want to grow your business so you can be more in charge of your own schedule without being chained to a busy high volume insurance-based clinic.

But right now, you feel like you’re constantly ON during all hours of the day in order to grow.


Which makes you wonder “What am I missing? What am I not doing right?”

If that sounds like you, I want you to know I’ve been there.


But before we get to my story, I just want to let you in on a little secret –


Growing a business you love doesn’t have to feel like you’re on the set of Ninja Warrior jumping through hoops just to get clients and keep them happy.

The truth – it gets to be simple and fun. The kind of fun that looks like


Coming in from a hike in the wilderness to 3 new discovery call slots filled


Doing marketing that looks like wine with friends on weeknights and yoga at 12 PM


Getting 2 fully unplugged and free days every week to play with your family and kids

Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? 


Of course it would!


Just imagine for a minute what you’d be able to accomplish with all that extra time.


I’d love to show you how to take this from an imaginary dream to a reality.

But first, I want you to know that it wasn’t always simple and fun for me.

When I started my health coaching business, all I wanted was to replace the income I'd made in my PT business as a coach and get 4 day weekends.


Prior to that, I’d quit my PT employee job after getting a paycheck that amounted to $7.37 an hour when I factored in how much I was working behind the scenes.


Y’all. I may as well have been flipping burgers with my Doctorate degree.

I was also going through cancer treatment at the time, so I didn’t exactly have a lot of extra time and energy laying around to do the whole “marketing” thing.

Thankfully I was already the go-to expert in my niche, so my PT practice schedule filled pretty fast.


And once I recovered from cancer, I was hooked. I wanted to grow faster and bigger, so I piled on more things


Spoke at industry conferences 


Published a book

Grew my instagram and facebook groups and posted every day

Did workshops at gyms and local sports clubs


Constantly schmoozed with local physicians and providers

Those were all great things and they certainly brought in a ton of referrals


But I felt like I had to be constantly ON in order to maintain the steady flow through the pipeline.


To make matters worse, I was still only barely replacing my former PT employee salary, which meant


My 6-figure student loan number was NOT going down. I could barely pay the minimum every month and didn’t even have a retirement fund


I hadn’t taken a real vacation in 6 years where I wasn’t constantly working. In fact, all the trips I did take were attached to a course or conference because I could write it off as a business expense.

I hadn’t gotten the 2-3 days off per week I wanted to play outside and read books with coffee all dayinstead I was working clients in at all hours to accommodate their busy schedules.

I remember looking around at my other colleagues and anxiously wonderinghow do HELL do other people buy huge homes, send their kids to private school and summer camp, and go to Vail to ski for 2 weeks in February?


Like – where was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that was I missing? 

After missing Pilates class then snapping at my husband for the 3rd time for leaving a sock in the middle of the floor (how dare he? ;-))


The embarrassing truth washed over me


 “Shit Julie. How is this really any different from your life as a PT employee?”


Here I was with a completely booked schedule and 3 week wait list working ‘round the clock to keep up with client notes and marketing.


All I had done was just replicate the exact thing I wanted to escape when I started my business.


But now I couldn’t blame my bosses or being in an insurance-based factory clinic.

I was just doing it to myself. 


I was still working 6 days a week for a mediocre PT salary and staying up till midnight to finish client notes.


My husband – who was walking the dogs for me and cooking all of our meals on top of his own full time job – kept warning me that this wasn’t sustainable.


My response? 

Things will calm down soon. But first it just HAS to be like this for a while more. It’s what I HAVE to do to grow.


This made a lot of sense when I looked at what so many established PT and coaching business mentors were preaching.

They said that growing a PT and coaching practice required 


Sacrifice from yourself and your family


It would take 5 years to make the big bucks and finally “earn” your big vacation 

Offering high-ticket programs and packages was selling out the profession

Having just been through cancer, it was clear to me that life is short. 


Waiting 5 years to get the business and life I wanted was not an option.

I was so tired of buying into a belief system of “rules” that gave gold stars for 


Taking care of everyone else at the expense of myself because that’s “good customer service” and what “putting the patient first” means

“Knowing my place” and “putting in my time” so that more experienced professionals who were competing with me could stay comfortable 

I thought,
"I'm the Boss. It's time to make my own rules."

As a former rule-follower, this felt simultaneously like I was jumping out of an airplane with no parachute and surfing an exciting wave toward uncharted waters.


Against the advice of several mentors and colleagues, I created a unique business model that allowed me to double my PT salary to $150K in just 9 months and get 2-3 days back per week...


...All while still receiving nonstop love notes from my clients who booked my discovery call schedule with a pipeline of all their besties.


And now in just 2 years it has evolved into an online coaching business that has allowed me to


Create over a million dollars in sales two years in a row during a pandemic through sell-out private and group coaching programs for clients across the globe


Eliminate $150K in student loan debt in one fell swoop while traveling the US as a full time Airstream traveler with  my husband and  pups


Pay full price (and not using points!) for lay down seats on a dream trip to Europe knowing I have a team to handle the hard parts of my business and fill my programs for me while I’m biking down a glacial valley


Purchase a newly renovated home in a vacation town full of beautiful furniture from West Elm, not Target

Enjoy 3-4 SLOW days off every week to drink my coffee from a MUG (and not have to microwave it), read books, hike, bike, paddleboard, spend time with family, and have plenty of puppy play time


I couldn’t be more grateful to my former self for standing up to the “rules” and choosing to make my own.


And even though my grind-at-all-costs old PT self wouldn’t even recognize me today –


I’m not a magical unicorn.

This is a vision I hold for EVERYONE who wants to grow a profitable business as a clinician-turned-coach while creating a life that gives you oodles of delicious time to play, explore and be FREE.


That means – you can do this too.

In my 13 years of experience in this industry, I've noticed most successful clinician-turned-coaches fall into one of 2 main stages.

  • Running ragged in your employee job with no time to pee on your lunch break?

  • Spending your nights and weekends playing catch up and recovering? 

  • Questioning if the profession is even right for you anymore?

  • KNOWING you can do better in your own business, but not knowing where or how to even start?

  • Only seeing a trickle of clients and wondering what it is you’re MISSING to grow your business faster?

  • Providing enough for yourself or your family?

  • Worry that you’ll never be able to break free from your 9-5 or PRN job?

  • Feeling tempted to lower your prices or take insurance just to get clients in the door? 

Does that sound like you? Which stage are you in?

If you’re scouting or seeking, and so crave to be SHINING, then you’re not alone. 

I’ve definitely been there!


Even though it may feel like you’re totally missing something, you’re not doing anything wrong.


The good news is – no matter which stage you’re in right now, you’re perfectly poised to SHINE Like the Boss in a profitable business you love.


You've got an impact to make, a family to support, and a life to live. 


You don't want to waste your time in trial and error any longer doing things that don't work.


You've got an impact to make, a family to support, and a life to live. 

And Here's the Truth, Friend

It is simply not true that growing a business you love and attracting a schedule full of soulmate clients has to be so hard and time consuming.

I don't subscribe to the "you have to sacrifice" or "you won't make money in your first year" or "hustle more" philosophy (Gross!)


I totally get how it feels to work so hard and be so talented, yet still remain the best kept secret in the health and wellness field.

This is exactly why I've helped thousands of PT and health entrepreneurs like you go from the best kept secret to the sought after practitioner who is fully booked with soulmate clients, all while working 80 percent less.

Curious how I do that?

That's where my tried-and-true 5-step SHINE Like a Boss Method in my Wealthy Coach Collective program comes in.


Just take a second and imagine a life & business that gives you …


Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough

Unshakable confidence and know-how to crush your biggest projects & goals

Inspiration and direction toward getting the dream clients that light you up

Six to eight weeks of unbridled time off and vacation per year

Extra days off during the week to rest, be with your family, or just be a goofball

Financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college

Doesn't That Sound Amazing?

Duh, Of course it does! And good news – you won’t have to imagine it much longer… This is the reality we help our clients achieve and you could be living after completing our Wealthy Coach Collective coaching program

I not only share this method inside of my popular Be the Boss of Your Career Discovery and Illumination Programs


But I’ve been invited to share my expertise with thousands of others in...

Leading Outlets Such As
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Our Client Results Illuminate What Is Possible For You 

Allison Ingley


I went from having 1 patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 NEW dream patients in November. Now my life looks COMPLETELY different. I plan my personal life first and my professional life second. I start my day with a manageable plan of what I NEED to accomplish and anything else I accomplish is icing on the cake. Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my mindset to see it. After being in the program only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 follow up patient the entire month of October to bringing in 8 new dream patients in November!"

Dawn Allen


I have spent so much more on clinical courses ... and this program was by far more valuable than anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer not only for my business but also – most importantly – for my family. I was working 60 hours a week – my purpose was to work as hard as I could to make my boss happy. In the program realized I was living my life based on mindset sandbags. For the first time in my life, I chose me and my own business over my job. I chose my family. I realized I am not defined by what I do. I have spent so much more on college courses in my life and this program was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken so far. It is a life changer and not just for my business goals but most importantly for my family.

Kayla Fujimoto Epperson


My journey was made for so much more. It was around this same time that I met Julie. I remember in our first conversation she asked what I valued most in life and what my hobbies and interests were. ​There was a long silence. < was REAL awkward feeling for me> I clearly remember staring at the blank paper in front of me realizing I had become so caught up and lost in my career that I had stopped making time for myself outside of work. I couldn’t answer her. Flash forward through a lot of tears and triumphs and I enrolled in the Be the Boss of Your Career Program and let me tell you, it was seriously life changing. The program laid the groundwork for the life and career I really deserved and dreamed about.  It looked like starting my own business in the height of COVID with no current clients, no gigantic start up loan, no business cards, and no sign on my door in the middle of a global pandemic. And now it looks like:​​

  • Helping youth and teen athletes with sports injuries on a daily basis...heck, yes!

  • Realizing I could actually work less because I get paid what my time and expertise is really worth

  • Spending more time at home with my family, walking the dogs at lunch time and being able to watch Netflix with my husband at night instead of doing 2 hours of notes

  • Waking up feeling excited and energized by the work I was doing rather than dreading another double booked day and working through lunch 

  • Making real life, human interactions with so many other professionals who were supporting me

  • Replacing my previous income within a few months, and being on track to make more in revenue in my first year in business than the salary I once tried negotiating at the job that was killing me


WHOA! Now more than ever I am so excited to support other high achieving PTs and healthcare professionals who are ready to take a stand for what they value most in life and turn that into a career path that truly inspires them and leads them towards creating their legacy. If I can do it, you can too.

These clients are not magical unicorns. You can achieve what they've achieved, too.

I remember what it was like to be in your shoes right now and if someone would have told me how easy it could have been I would have jumped on the opportunity.


Because if you’re anything like me, you know that when you finally let go and get the right kind of support and guidance for you, you can stop trying so hard to figure it all out yourself


And finally break out as the standout leader in your niche with a business that quantum leaps your goals.


When I finally got coached and CLEAR on the exact steps I needed to take to create my own unique business model that took me from an average PT industry salary to $500K in just 2.5 years


I remember thinking “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

No matter whether you’re wanting to get to 6 figures or go from 6 to multiple 6-7 figures, we are here to support you.

If you want support, collaborating, brain-picking, and cheerleading for your tough days and get a feel for what it looks like to be fully supported by the best coaches and fellow entrepreneurs in the industry – then I invite you to join my free Wealthy Coach Community Facebook group.

Dancing Woman

If you're curious about what it is you're missing to go from held back and fully booked as a clinician to instead fully booked and FREE as a Wealthy Coach -- take our free 5-min quiz

If you’re ready to replace your clinician income as a coach and only work 2-3 half days per week, then I invite you to apply for my next round of the Wealthy Coach Collective coaching program.

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