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5 Months to go from Held Back as a Clinician
to Fully Booked and Free as a Coach



Coach Collective

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Do you want to replace your clinician income as a coach with a schedule full of aligned clients

...and only have to work 2-3 days per week


If your heart is saying YES, then this is the perfect experience for you.

Discovery & Illumination Coaching Levels Now Enrolling

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If you're ready to seamlessly shift from Clinician to Coach, watch this first

Please make sure your sound is on. You may also turn on closed captions and change the playback speed below.

Note: The Wealthy Coach Collective is a new program, and has replaced the Be the Boss of Your Career Program.

But--the energy and essence of our WHY behind the new program is similar. If you hear talk of Be the Boss in this video, that's why!

Is this you, Coach?

You want to go from fully booked as a clinician to fully booked and FREE as a coach, and go 



Trading hours for dollars at a capped clinician’s salary and earning far below what you’re capable of making as a coach


Working 40-60 hour weeks having to be physically present for clients who are dependent on you to fix or rehab them


Being constantly ON all the time trying to find clients and wondering why the people who said they would refer clients aren't sending

Feeling tongue tied or having diarrhea of the mouth when you try to explain the value of coaching and the difference between coaching versus clinical work 

Feeling wobbly about whether or not you want to keep doing clinical work or being asked by colleagues and family why the "step down" from clinician to coach 

Replacing your clinician income with clients who pay in full for your packages and programs 


Having Mondays and Fridays off to catch up on errands, go to yoga, or travel for the weekend without cramming it all in

Being THE one your colleagues send their  clients to - clients ready to take charge of their chaotic lifestyle and all the things leading to their health problems

Clients arrive saying they've been lurking - and they just intuitively know you're the exact person to guide them

Feeling fully confident that your next career step is perfectly aligned -- whether that's doing full time coaching OR a hybrid clinical-coach model 

And in order to do all of that, you know you need

A marketing and sales strategy that feels DOABLE and energizing to you -- and helps to CLEARLY convey the difference between coaching and clinical work so that soulmate clients show up ready to enroll with you 



The confidence and conviction to take a strong stand for your identity as a coachbecause you KNOW that if you're wobbly here, other people probably won't take you seriously (and that's the worst feeling, right?)

But the problem is...

You KNOW you're amazing at what you do as a coach and occasionally have those really "all in clients" -- but most of your clients still expect you to do everything for them...which you know is not very coachy (and that doesn't feel within integrity for you)

You haven't yet found a sustainable and profitable way to step out of the rigidmedical model and that limits what you're able to do with your clients (and of course, limits your sense of joy and fulfillment too)

And that makes you feel held back and overlooked.


You LONG to be able to totally go ALL IN as a coach and really be seen as the go-to expert by your colleagues, friends and family, yet you just can't figure out what you're missing to get there.

I understand this because I've been there too

As a PT-turned-coach myself, I believe you have developed the skills and abilities it takes to successfully facilitate a deeper level of transformation in your clients’s lives as a COACH

All you're missing is the strategy, support, mindset and energy shifts you need to successfully do that

Without feeling like you're throwing away your clinical degree and years of training...because a part of you still geeks out over the power of the body's physiology
All while feeling supported and seen by your own colleagues, friends, family, or peer group for shifting from clinician to coach, even if that's not what they would choose

For the past 7 years, I have guided thousands of healthcare providers like you to confidently embody your role as a COACH, replace your clinician’s income, all with a marketing strategy that lets you work with clients just 2-3 days per week


Your success being based off of outdated and unethical clinical productivity models that are not healthy or sustainable for you OR your clients 



The spaciousness to see 3-4 clients per day with extra days off to focus on your own fitness, family time or CEO projects

Trading hours for dollars with clients physically dependent on you to  work them in on your lunch when they have a flare up... even though your gut screams "NO!"



Replacing your clinician income by selling just 1-2 new programs per month to motivated clients who DESIRE to put themselves first

Being afraid to coach on mindset, nutrition, spirituality & all other matters that affect your clients' health so you don't step on the toes of psychotherapists or dieticians



Having colleagues collaborate and refer to YOU as the EXPERT in mind, body, AND lifestyle matters AND introducing yourself as a COACH with confidence

Screaming into the void and posting goofy videos daily online to stand out as a coach...but feeling like if you aren't an influencer with 100K followers and online ALL the time, it won't work



Selling coaching via a FUN marketing & sales system that attracts ready-to-go clients, even if you're a total introvert or hate social media

Did your heart just skip a beat wondering how you can do that?


That's where the Wealthy Coach Framework comes in-where solidfying your internal wealth as a coach effortlessly brings in external wealth as a business owner.

In case you're wondering what the Wealthy Coach Framework can do for you, here's what our clients have said
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175_Sarah Dueffert Headshots 2022 - Sarah Dueffert.jpeg
“Before working with Julie & team, I was constantly RUSHING rushing to drop my son at daycare, work in my neuro PT clinic, cook dinner, and get all my marketing done so I could SLEEP.

Now, I went from making coaching my side hustle for fear of getting in trouble with the "PT police" to gaining the confidence to fully market myself as a life coach." 

And best of all – I have confidently sold $5000 coaching programs, made $10K in ONE DAY, I spend long slow mornings and full days off with my son and NEVER feel rushed."
— Sarah Dueffert, Fatigued to Free Coach
Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 9.23.25 AM - Jackie Roelofs.png

"I once believed running an online coaching business was complicated and draining becuase that's the life I had as a clinician. 

I now have several coaching clients lined up work with me. I'm earning what I deserve and have the flexibility to take vacations, spend time with friends, and hang with my baby


I recommend this program to other PT-turned-coaches who've been told by other business coaches and clinician colleagues they have to "pay their dues" before making decent income. Don't believe the bullshit!"

— Jackie Roelofs, Hormones/Fertility Coach

And listen … I get that all these things might sound too out of reach for you 

Let me tell you exactly why you’ve been held back from

achieving the coaching business you dream about

If you’re a clinician-turned-coach like me, you were indoctrinated in a way of being that says you must


SERVE by taking care of everyone else - patients and family-first at the expense of yourself, even if it's on a schedule you hate


SEEK external validation and approval from certifications, courses, or speaking at big conferences


SUCCEED by proving that you're independent (I.e. mentoring is for people who have failed) 


SLEEP later. Work first. (I see you reading this at 11:30 PM AFTER getting work done! It's ok!)

Screenshot 2014-01-04 17.56.39.png
Are you nodding AND rolling your
eyes in agreement? You're not alone!

And look, it's not your fault for finding yourself in this predicament


That’s because you pledged allegiance and were conditioned into a socially accepted and rigid healthcare identity and practice–

I call this the Clinician's Contract

This contract has brought rules and structure that have put you AND your patients in a cocoon of safety

It requires YOU to get permission -- a certification or credential -- to feel safe, complete, and accomplished


And it tells you that if you step out of the Contract, you’ll be ostracized by your peers and end up in "clinician jail" or lose your license 

<Just imagine for one minute the feeling of losing your license because of a way YOU messed up.

Did your heart just sink into your stomach? That's the Contract talking!>


Up until now, this Contract has brought you a thriving CLINICAL career and business


But now that cocoon of security has closed you in – DIMMING your light as a COACH, limiting what’s possible for your clients and you

In fact -- this Contract is the reason why more than 71% of coaching businesses fail within the first 2 years, and why so many clinicians feel boxed in to the clinical world as their only option for even a mediocre amount of career fulfillment.

If you can feel that boxed in tension in your body,  I get it. And I've got you.

Let's free you from the clinical shadows

so you can SHINE in the

Wealthy Coach’s Oath



SURRENDER your grasp onto the perceived “safety” of the Clinician Contract...because if it's boxing you and your clients in financially, emotionally, and spiritually -- is it really safe?


SURROUND yourself with like-minded supporters who get the emotional and logistical business & marketing transformation that comes with shifting from the clinical world to coaching


…all so you can see SURREAL results for your clients, yourself and in your own business


And I get it, it may feel scary to leave that cocoon of safety and step fully into the freedom of SHINING as a coach – with fewer rules and structure

This is why you need a coach, Coach

Our Wealthy Coach Framework will help you go from fully booked & held back as a clinician to fully FREE and having FUN as a coach

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This framework is tried and true.
We're living proof.

For my coaching team and me -- we've been there.

Everything we teach in the Wealthy Coach framework -- we've first mastered within our own lives and businesses.

And we continue to practice it daily -- because it WORKS.


This is how I’ve made 7 figures coaching global clients by only working 2 days a week and traveling full time with my husband and pups.

Imagine what you would do with 3 free days per week...

We are committed to personally practicing and fine tuning this framework so that you don't have to keep spinning your wheels trying things that don't work.

It gets to be simple to be sought after by your dream clients.

And once you master this framework – being a clinician-turned-coach will be energizing, inspiring, and fun. That's why you started this coaching business, right?

KB - Kristin Bignell.png
“As a clinician turned teen volleyball wellness coach, there were a LOT of unknowns for me!
One thing I didn’t know I didn’t know was that unlike my clinical business – there weren’t really rules I had to follow in my coaching business, and this sat REALLY well with me.
Now I've sold out my teen volleyball wellness program with just ONE webinar"
— Kristin Bignell, Canada
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"The parts of this method I found most helpful were creating strong messaging for calling in my ideal client and learning networking strategies for fully booking my client schedule.

I'd recommend this program to wellness professionals and coaches who want to develop more clarity about how to fully book their businesses."

— Jessica Gowen, Georgia

How would it feel to have a coaching business that provides

The calmness to ignore other coaches who go viral on Reels or Tiktok and stay in your lane even if you don't have the same results?

The clarity to feel RELAXED & know exactly what to say on a coffee date w/a colleague that has them tagging you on IG, becoming your biggest hype girl, and referring you 3 new clients?

The connection to take extra days off each week to take your kids to the park, hike in the woods, actually take your laundry out of the dryer and put it away, or go to yoga? 

The confidence to really "go there" with clients and have them tell you that one session with you is better than years of therapy?

The courage to travel to Hawaii for 2 weeks with your out of office ON AND still get emails from 3 completely perfect clients who are already ready to enroll and get started?

The satisfaction and safety of replacing your clinician income and having complete control over where, when, how, and with whom you work (and never being asked for a superbill ever again)?

Are you READY to grow a coaching business you LOVE with the freedom to work with whom you want, when you want, and how you want? 




Coach Collective

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5 Months to go from Held Back as a Clinician
to Fully Booked and Free as a Coach

Group Mastermind + Private Coaching

This program is for you if...


You want to be able
to clearly explain
what you do as a coach

You want your colleagues to see your the value in your work 

You want more in life  than being a social media influencer

You want genuine & loving support to do things your way.

>> You want to be able to explain to people -- in words they actually understand -- how you help people as a coach. You find yourself elbow deep in hands-on care in the clinic and KNOW a coaching program would be much better for your clients ... but you hold back from offering coaching because you just don't feel like you can clearly explain what you do as a coach and why it's different than your clinical work...and that doesn't feel like it's in integrity for you.


>> You want your clinical colleagues to collab with you and be your biggest cheerleaders and referral sources -- but when you're all together at a conference, you feel your insides shrink as soon as they ask about your coaching program because you're worried when you explain the mindset work you do -- they'll ask questions about how you're "allowed" to do that, how it's different from psychotherapy...and you're not sure how to answer that


>> You see other medical providers -turned - coaches killing it on line and making 6+ figures – and think “That would be amazing, but I’m not sure how I’ll get there without having an IG or TikTok following of 20K, posting viral Reels online every day, and being creepy sliding into people's DMs" -- and even though you're drawn to the creativity and fun of social media, the time & energy it takes feels like more than you can maintain



>> You crave a gentler, more feminine approach to marketing that honors your season of life, unique design, and pace. You don't want to feel pressure to sell with methods called "coaching" but are just another sneaky and graspy tactic. You've been in marketing groups or masterminds before and while you learned a thing or two - if you weren't the biggest earner - the coach didn't pay much attention to you. 



Image-74 - Allison Ingley.jpg
 Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my clinical "give give give" mindset to see it.

After being in the program only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 client the entire month of October ...

To bringing in 8 new DREAM clients in November!"

— Allison Ingley, Ohio
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"I had been helping others left and right as a clinician but wondering why my coaching business wasn't working out for me. I loved learning how and where to sell in a way that works for me and what is a total waste of time!

I am finally back to working only 20-30 hours a week instead of pretending I was working 30 hours a week but really working 40-50!"

— Sara Smith, Virginia

What you'll discover inside the Wealthy Coach Framework is both the internal and external wealth to fully stand for your identity as a coach and build a reputable business that you love

Untitled design (2).png

The Wealth of Certainty

Embody safety & certainty in your Coach identity, mindset, and skills while surrendering the rigid medical model, licensure restrictions, payor regulations, and Clinician Contract that holds you & your clients back

Going from clinician to coach not only requires a shift in your skills and toolbox (which we will help you do!), but also the mind, heart, and energy space you embody with your clients, your business, AND your life (which is totally our jam!).


What makes successful coaches sustain and stand out is a robust INTERNAL Wealth of Certainty -- because the degree to which you walk the talk and honor yourself as a human and coach carries into your ability to clearly convey the value of your coaching work, run a successful business, and attract soulmate clients with ethics and integrity.

In this pillar, you’ll discover how to:

Ground into your unique Divinely gifted design and let go of habits and "shoulds" that throw off your nervous system, distract you, and no longer serve you with expert Self-regulation tools that help you walk the talk and call in clients ready to do the same thing.

Embody a confident Wealthy Coach identity, mindset, and energetics so you will have your own back when you OR the people close to you ask you to explain what you now do as a coach and why it's different from clinical work

Be fully present in your life as you nurture your business without feeling the constant pull between business and family

Wrap yourself in certainty and mastery of the coaching skills you need to guide your clients into the driver's seat of their life and bring deep fulfillment into the work you do 

The Wealth of Conviction

Untitled design (2).png

Root yourself in conviction in the transformation you help your clients achieve, explain it in a relaxed and simple way that calls in empowered clients ready to take the reins in their own lives

We see you not sure what to call yourself as a coach, changing your "I help" statement and niche every other week, word vomiting every time someone asks you what you do, hiring copywriters or downloading "perfect website copy templates"


...but still coming up short when you try or to explain the value of coaching work AND why it's different from clinical work. Whew. Words are hard, right?


In this pillar -- arguably the most game changing pillar of our entire framework  -- you'll uncover exactly what to say, where to say it, and how to keep it simple, clear, and compelling – so your most aligned clients and referral sources see EXACTLY why they need you as a COACH. 

In this pillar, you’ll discover how to:

Wake up every day completely jazzed about who is on your fully booked schedule because your messaging has called in YOUR PEOPLE -- the types of clients you genuinely can't WAIT to see on a Zoom call and to be honest, just kinda wanna hang out with too

Open your inbox to a slew of messages that say "Damn. You totally get me, it's like you're reading my mind, and I really need you in my life" because you're consistently and clearly communicating the value of your work without feeling like you need to reinvent the wheel every time you talk about your work

Showcase your unique, sassy, and quirky self with confidence and conviction that illustrates exactly what you do and why YOU are the best person to help your clients achieve the transformation they desire

Untitled design (2).png

The Wealth of Contribution

You've found your calling, and you're ready to contribute -- and you need a program and container that clients actually WANT and that is priced in a way that reflects the value, is a number that feels ROOTED in your DNA (and you can actually get out of your mouth), and of course -- helps you replace your clinician income.


Plus if you're anything like us - you know you need a business model and systems that actually let you focus most on what you do best - being an amazing coach - and less on mind numbing things like spreadsheets, CRMs, and bookkeeping, amirite?  

In this pillar, you’ll discover how to:

Contribute to amazing growth in your clients' lives through standout programs and offers at prices rooted in value and integrity ... and have your clients tag you in screenshots of your calls on social media because they're having such a great experience, and want everyone else to know about it

Quickly profit and make the revenue you deserve ... and discover the luxury of being able to CHOOSE to let go of your clinical work ... or keep doing it a little bit because it's fun for you

Free up your days for mindful workouts, meditative mornings over coffee, and uninterrupted family time with a business model and simple systems that make it FUN to be a CEO

Create and offer an irresistible coaching program in a simple and effective business model that contributes to your clients' outstanding results and FREES you up to live the joy-filled and playful life you've envisioned

Get your time back and build laser focused systems and plans that give you payoff and FUN  

Quickly profit and make the revenue you deserve with Wealthy Coach confidence ... and release money stress for good with an offer and program your clients won't be able to say no to

Overdeliver through standout programs and offers at premium prices so you are set you up to live more, work less, and wow your soulmate clients with epic results

Untitled design (2).png

The Wealth of Captivation

Captivate your most aligned clients through ethical and soul-rooted marketing and sales approach that feel FUN to you, has clients seeking YOU out, and allow you to be fully grounded in yourself.


No sketchy DMs or gross "coaching through objections" sales tactics required. 

You have a Divine gift to offer the world, and you and I both know that you can't simply manifest clients by meditating & writing affirmations (even though we love those things!)

And we'll be straight with you. This isn't the type of coaching program where we expect you to follow our 20-step "get clients now" launch formula, spend your days trying to beat the social media algorithm, slide into DMs, spend thousands on Google or Facebook Ads, and go to a zillion speed networking meetings.

We also teach an intuitive, ethical, trauma-informed sales model. One that doesn't require you to do a million DMs to "size clients up," use "coaching skills" to handle objections (because we all know that's not really coaching), or close a sale no matter the cost.


Whether you love to speak on stage, do livestreams, become a Reels sensation, or you're a total introvert with marketing, getting a schedule full of raving fans who refer all their besties gets to be personalized and FUN for you AND your potential clients. 

This means inside our program, your marketing strategy may not look like ours or anyone else's in the program. And that's perfectly ok.

In this pillar, you’ll discover how to:

Get the most payoff for your time with the most fruitful Wealthy Coach lead-generating strategies that align with how YOU like to spend time connecting with other humans. Buh bye, awkward meetings and dancing on social media if you don't want to!

Move beyond trading hours for dollars with an ethical sales strategy that makes selling one on one, group programs, courses, books simple and effortless .


Become the Captivating Coach -- Build a pipeline of dream clients who seek you out themselves and arrive ready to say YES, removing any need to "coach them through sales objections," hire a sales team, or chase them down when they ghost you after discovery calls

Attract in clients who are already a "YES" before they're even on the phone with you  ... and release the need to have to journal and meditate for 3 hours before discovery calls

Release the graspy-ness -- show up trauma-informed and non-attached with a Wealthy Coach sales mindset that makes sales feel like coffee with an old friend

Rock your re-enrollments with confidence and ease -- because your very best clients are the ones who want to stay with you for continued growth

 "Before this program I'd taken multiple marketing masterminds with the "big names" doing complex launches to fill my coaching program. But I'd only get a trickle of clients and I'd be so burned out on marketing.

Plus, those coaches didn't "get me" as a clinician transitioning into coaching.

Now within 1 month I've gotten 4 high end coaching clients by working LESS than I ever have, walking in the forest every day, spending weekends with family AND I've had 5 consistent months over $10K"

— Allison Poole, Perimenopause Coach
Profie Photo 600 x600 befunky-min - Dawn

"I was working 60 hour weeks as a Nurse Practitioner just to make my boss happy.


 For the first time in my life, I chose me, my business, my family. I got so booked as a coach I dropped all the way down to 1 day per week.


I have spent so much more on clinical and certification programs in my life and this program was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken so far. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.!"

— Dawn Allen, Women's Health & Mindset Coach

But waaaaaaaaait a second...

Have you ever thought to yourself 

"I grew a reputation as a clinician without a coach -- it shouldn't be that hard to do the same as a coach?"

Chances are, you may be posting online every day after your kids go to bed or after you're done working in the clinic

And you may be justifying to yourself that you ENJOY working with clinical clients 

(even though you know coaching is far more joyful for you)


Yet ... something is still missing.

People aren't biting even though they quasi-enthusiastically say "OMG this coaching is SOOOO needed."

I'll get real with you -- you and I both know how many mistakes you can avoid when you finally get a guide or mentor to show you the way

Who is this program NOT for? 


You’re not sure you even want to be a coach or offer coaching, you’re dead set on only doing/selling clinical work … or you think you need a coaching certification first. We coach clients who are fully committed to their coaching dream no matter what.


Employees follow rules. Bosses make their own.

We teach you to blaze your own trail, not replicate someone else’s roadmap. You'd coach your clients to make their own decisions and not be a carbon copy of you, and we do the same for you.


Growth is not linear and there are bumps and twists in EVERY coaching business, especially in the deep work of shifting your identity from clinician to coach. We help you have your own back and keep unbreakable momentum even when the feels arrive (which is normal).


We coach you that your beliefs create your results and that self confidence and trust are a choice and come ONLY by you choosing to PRACTICE and take ACTION with support. When you bet on yourself, you don't need any guarantees but your own trust.


>> A full blanket of live coaching and support

You will get a full blanket of live coaching via weekly group coaching calls, energy hygiene and breathwork sessions, outsourcing and freedom coaching, coaching skills mentoring sessions, and of course -- the signature of ALL of our programs, private coaching. We know you're unique and you don't always like to ask questions in front of a group, so no matter what level you opt in to, you will always get a number of private calls to help you make quick shifts without having to wait in line to get your questions answers.

>> Get started right away with instant access to our Wealthy Coach series

Many clients make their investment back before the live portion of the program even starts. As soon as you sign up, you can start binge watching our Wealthy Coach modules. All modules provide clear and achievable action steps to implement during each week of the program. 

>> No such thing as FOMO with recordings of every live session.

Can't make the live coaching session? Bummer, we'll miss you! But don't sweat it. All live coaching sessions will be recorded and put into your private program site.

>> Wrap yourself in support with your own private wolfpack.

No lone wolfing here. You'll be participating live and in our private online community to make friends, trade ideas, gain referral sources, and submit your copy and messaging for live feedback from our copy & messaging coach.

>> Clearly articulate your value with guided Copy and Messaging Coaching

Our acclaimed copy & messaging coaching is a total game changer for folks who just can't seem to get the words around what it is you want to say, whether it's your foundational brand message that conveys to your audience and niche EXACTLY what you do, a sales post you want to publish that will get people clicking immediately, a speaking event script you want to make more persuasive (and draw in more clients), or your website copy you want to much more.

>> Take action immediately with guided workbooks

You'll have clear marching orders for listening to learning modules and completing handouts for a full blanket of implementation support & accountability.

What makes this program effective?

It's about actually moving the needle to get what you want in your coaching career and business.

No more taking a program then leaving your binder on your shelf to collect dust.

(We can feel your blood pressure lowering now.)

Think this program will be like other programs you've been in before? Think again.


We are clinicians, coaches, and wellness professionals and therefore totally get you and what you face in your practice and industry. You'll learn the skills we still use daily to create businesses that allow us to work with clients a few days per week while consistently replacing your clinical income and taking 6-8 weeks of vacation per year. 


We've created thoughtful pacing, curriculum, and accountability systems to help you step into bold action and stay on top of things -- yes, even when your life is totally busy.


We get it. The business and marketing world can feel intimidating. That's why we have short actionable videos and workbooks written in simple language ... without the fluff and complex finance, sales, and marketing jargon (gross!)


You’ll link arms with the most talented entourage of loving coach and health entrepreneurs on the internet who -- just like you -- are ready to cheer you on and take charge. 


Your business is your baby -- and isn’t like anyone else’s. We keep our group number small and have a team of coaches ready and waiting to walk beside, coach, and support you every step of the way.

Meet the founder and head coach,

Julie Granger

Julie G 081722-172.jpg

Hey there! I’m Julie, an intuitive marketing coach and truth illuminator.


Sometimes I call myself your biz doula. I'm in your corner unconditionally loving you and cheering you on as you birth amazing new things in your business.


I love to guide clinician-turned-coach entrepreneurs to grow profitable coaching businesses while doubling their clinician’s income and only working 2-3 half days with clients.

If you’re anything like me, your clients email you after your sessions glowing about how good they feel.

And you want to grow your coaching business so you can move beyond in-person clinical care and into the freedom coaching brings you AND your clients.

But right now, you feel like you’re constantly ON to grow your coaching business -- after working all day in the clinic, and after you put your kids (and spouse!) to bed.


If that sounds like you, I want you to know I’ve been there.


But before we get to my story, I just want to let you in on a little secret--


Growing a coaching business you love doesn’t have to feel like you’re on the set of Ninja Warrior jumping through hoops just to get clients and keep them happy.

So I get what you are feeling right now. Because I’ve been there, too.


When I started my coaching business, all I wanted was to replace my PT income.

I was going through cancer treatment, so I didn’t exactly have extra time & energy for marketing. 


I LOVED the coaches who helped me heal physically and emotionally, and I wanted to do the same for my clients.


As a highly reputable PT, I had plenty of potential coaching clients coming in, but as soon as I thought they were the PERFECT client for my coaching program


I’d get scared they wouldn’t see the value … or WORSE – they’d ask me the difference between PT and coaching


I didn't know what to say or how to explain coaching, so I’d default to selling them PT sessions because it just felt easier. 

Does that sound familiar? I can see you nodding!


The clinical world came with so many rules and expectations that brought me a thriving clinical business--


But now, those clinical rules were just keeping me chained to an identity that stopping me as a coach.


This made a lot of sense when I looked at what so many PT and clinical business mentors were preaching.


  • Growing a coaching practice meant selling out the profession 

  • Coaching didn’t require a doctorate and wasn’t as “credible”

  • I was stepping out of my scope and I’d get in trouble


What’s more, non-clinician marketing coaches said growing a 6-figure coaching business required 5 years of experience and that you needed to price low just to get new clients in the door. 


Having just been through cancer, it was clear to me that waiting 5 years was not an option.


I thought, “I’m the Boss. It’s time to break out of the clinician identity that's holding my LIFE back”


This felt simultaneously like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute and surfing an exciting wave.


I created a unique coaching business model that allowed me to double my PT income as a coach in just 9 months 


...All while still receiving nonstop love notes from my clients.

And now it has evolved into the Wealthy Coach Framework and a 7-figure coaching business that has allowed me to


  • Eliminate $150K in student loans in one fell swoop while Airstream traveling with my family

  • Pay full price for lay down seats to fly to Europe with a team to take the hard stuff off me

  • Purchase a newly renovated home in a vacation town full of furniture from West Elm, not Target

  • Enjoy 3 SLOW days off every week to hike, bike, paddleboard, and lay around and read over coffee


And even though PT Julie wouldn’t even recognize me today-I’m not a magical unicorn.


This is a vision I hold for EVERY COACH who wants to replace your clinician income and only work 2-3 half days/week with clients.

I'd be honored to be your business doula and coach you on how you can do this in the Wealthy Coach Collective.

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Jessica Drummond, DCN, CHC, PT
"I respect Julie's work immensely; and refer clients, friends, and colleagues to her often because she's a rare combination of highly skilled and deeply compassionate. 

She has the magic touch in her ability to relate with empathy, not condescension, with her clients. 

She inspires clients to live fully and autonomously in a way that's meaningful to them. "

—Jessica Drummond, Integrative Women's Health Institute
Shawn Haywood, PhRD

"Julie used to be pretty stuck in her head and heart in ways that led her to feel anxious, overwhelmed, unhappy, and afraid as a clinician. Fast forward to now ... Julie is filled to the brim with joy and peace and walks her talk in every way possible as a coach— from being perhaps addicted to her morning reading, meditation, and journaling (spiritual time!), to being an amazing coach, wife, and dog mama! She uses her skills, spirit, and intuition in completely amazing ways to support her clients, their wellbeing, and their futures."

— Shawn Haywood, Reimagine Love

"You're not building a career, you're building a life."

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Apply to be coached in the Wealthy Coach Collective today and discover...

The calmness to ignore other coaches who go viral on Reels or Tiktok and stay in your lane even if you don't have the same results?

The clarity to feel RELAXED & know exactly what to say on a coffee date w/a colleague that has them tagging you on IG, becoming your biggest hype girl, and referring you 3 new clients?

The connection to take extra days off each week to take your kids to the park, hike in the woods, actually take your laundry out of the dryer and put it away, or go to yoga? 

The confidence to really "go there" with clients and have them tell you that one session with you is better than years of therapy?

The courage to travel to Hawaii for 2 weeks with your out of office ON AND still get emails from 3 completely perfect clients who are already ready to enroll and get started?

The satisfaction and safety of replacing your clinician income and having complete control over where, when, how, and with whom you work (and never being asked for a superbill ever again)?

And what will happen if you don't get support to do that?

Our private clients pay us up to $40,000 for personalized coaching to achieve inspiring lives and coaching businesses that redefine what kind of income and lifestyle is possible as a clinician.

But you're not going to have to pay that for this program. 

We've priced it lower because there's an epidemic of untapped insane talent and love among clinician-turned-coaches LIKE YOU, and when you step into your highest calling -- everyone wins.


We don't want you to make the same mistakes we did. And if you already did, then we want you to know that it's OK, and you don't have to spend another minute of your life trying to fix them on your own.


Monthly Wealthy Coach Coaching Session ($2500 value).

Not only will you have access to expert and DEEP coaching and mentoring from Julie , but you'll also be able to go back and listen to them after each call is over. Trust us, you'll wanna binge it like Netflix, because it's like getting 10 private coaching calls in 90 minutes

Monthly Coaching Skills Roundtable ($2500 value).

Solidify your coaching skills and mindset in this monthly session -- where NOTHING is off the table. We'll go over case studies, practical skills, coaching energetics -- and help you fully stand rooted in your Coach Identity and skills -- the most important foundation in your coaching business. 

Monthly Energy & Breathwork Session ($2500 value)

Shifting your energy, intention, and identity from clinician to coach, building a business that reflects that, and doing all of that without sacrificing your own self worth and family values takes a lot of courage, connection, and confidence. We'll keep you in tip top shape -- operating on all cylinders -- with our monthly energy and breathwork sessions (a client favorite!)

Monthly Freedom Factory Session ($2500 value).

You're helping your clients build habits and systems that bring THEM more freedom in their lives -- and we'll do the same for you. In the Freedom Factory, you'll be guided by our expert coach who will help you build the back end of your business, your team, and your client experience/client operations so that they run like a well oiled machine -- and you can focus on what you love most -- helping your clients and living your life.

Expertly curated SHINE method modules ($10000 value).

You'll never wonder "How do I do ______" again, with our thoughtfully and expertly curated resource library of video modules, created in SHORT segments with your busy life in mind. This isn't the type of program where you're expected to watch every video and then pass a test to get an A. You will have a client concierge "librarian" at your fingertips directing you to exactly what you need and helping you from getting distracted from things that will slow you down.

Private Professional Networking Community ($8000 value).

At up to $80 to $100 per event, the cost of membership and attendance in private networking groups — the ones that actually help you grow your practice — can add up fast. Your next professional network is here and ready to support you as you grow. And you won't have to leave your house, put on pants, or give your sales pitch to meet them!

Deep personal coaching and support ($5000 value).

We get that there are a lot of group programs out there and you may have even had some great experiences in them before! Or maybe you didn't -- because you didn't feel like the coaches really KNEW you -- but instead just coached everyone the same. This isn't how we roll. In the Discovery level of the Wealthy Coach Collective, you get at least 2 immersive private calls (with the option to add on additional calls for a fee) so that you get our eyes, ears, and hearts directly attuned to your heart, mind, soul, and business. More calls are available in the Illumination level (which functions like both a group and private coaching program), and you can read more about the Illumination level by scrolling down just a bit more!

Apply NOW to join the Wealthy Coach Collective 

Discovery Level



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But wait! Before you apply...

You might be wondering about the getting MORE private coaching in our Illumination Level

How would it feel to have 3 new clients booked in for discovery calls already READY to enroll in your coaching program?
...without having to spend the next 12 months feeling super clunky as you try and explain the value of coaching? 

If you're a clinician-turned-coach who is ready to

Make coaching your main gig instead of sloppy seconds to your clinical work 

Go from being tongue-tied talking about coaching to confidently articulating exactly what value and transformation coaching will bring your clients

Step into the identity and confidence of the coach people will gladly pay $5000 - $10000 to work with

Then I invite you to join me as an Illumination Level client
...unlock the fast track to an overflow of coaching clients and seal the deal to step out of the clinic for good 

Just imagine...

Opening your calendar after a long weekend off pleasantly surprised that 3 new discovery calls have booked – all from total aligned strangers you had no idea were reading your posts or emails

Getting to the part of your sales call where you tell your clients about your coaching program and they interrupt you and say “I don’t need to know all that, can you just send me the contract and tell me how to pay?”

Your clinical colleagues sending word of mouth referrals to you who come ready to buy and glowing about all the wonderful things your friends have to say about you as a coach

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As an Illumination client, you'll unlock everything included in the Discovery Level (a $33000 value) PLUS

Deep, unparalleled private support ($10000 value).

You know in your heart if you want consistent, ongoing support. And I get that sometimes you really don't want to wait through a list of everyone else's questions on a group call to get YOURS answered, and you want to dig deeper than what you can get in a group setting. You'll have up to 10 private sessions with Julie and our team so you can feel fully seen, heard, and get masterful coaching support on your biggest questions to move the needle forward right now

Back pocket brain picking-- when & where you want it ($5000 value).

Never again will you be in the middle of making a huge marketing or sales decision, or wondering which team member you should hire (or fire!) and feel like "Dang, if I could JUST get some input on this RIGHT NOW!" You'll have Julie in your back pocket with private Slack access for all those spur-of-the-moment questions you just need a little extra support around, and don't want to wait to ask in the FB group or on a group call. You'll also be first in line for copy and messaging coaching from Julie (our Illumination clients' favorite part!)

A personal messaging and branding revamp ($8000 value).

By working with Julie privately, you'll have a personal messaging, copywriting, and branding ninja at your fingertips -- so you can quickly get crystal clarity on exactly what to say and how to say it to YOUR unique niche and corner of the internet, so that your emails and DMs start blowing up with people who finally SEE you ... instead of feeling like you are tongue tied and screaming into the void. Our clients say this is their favorite part of working with us and th