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Unveiling the Truth About Building a 7-Figure Business: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Success

Let’s delve into the often-unspoken challenges and experiences entrepreneurs face on their path to success. From the highs to the lows, we'll explore the journey of growth, self-discovery, and transformation. Whether you're a clinician-turned-coach or an aspiring business owner, this post will provide insight and guidance to help you navigate the road to a thriving 7-figure business.

Acknowledging the Struggles

2021 was a monumental year for my business, as I experienced nearly a 10x increase in revenue. However, amidst the success, there's a truth that rarely gets discussed when it comes to building a 7-figure business. Let's shed light on the challenges that emerge along this journey, which you may relate to, regardless of where you are in your own business venture.

Losing Balance and Feeling Lost

As my business grew exponentially, I found myself straying from the principles I advocated. The pursuit of success led to a cycle of overworking, neglecting personal time, and sacrificing self-care. I felt lost, running in circles without a clear sense of direction. This realization sparked a sense of anxiety, affecting both my personal and professional life.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

My mind concocted compelling stories, attributing the challenges to the nature of growing a 7-figure business within a short timeframe, managing a team, and meeting high client expectations. Anxiety began gnawing at me, manifesting as a daily struggle. Even attempts to maintain excitement and inspiration, such as self-care practices and vacations, added more stress and anxiety to my plate.

Breaking Free from the Clinician Mindset

As a clinician-turned-coach, I discovered that I had unknowingly slipped back into the Clinician Mindset—or what I call the Clinician Contract—a paradigm that prioritizes others' needs over self-care and promotes seeking external validation. It became evident that this mindset was hindering my progress and preventing me from practicing what I preached to my clients.

Realigning with a New Way of Being

To overcome these challenges, it became clear that I needed to break free from the confines of the Clinician Contract and embrace a new way of being—a Coach's Oath. This transformative shift surrenders the safety of old patterns, surrounds oneself with supportive communities, and unlocks unrealized potential for both clients and oneself.

Introducing the SHINE like a Boss Method

To support fellow clinician-turned-coaches on their journey, my team and I have developed the SHINE Method—a proven 5-step process to seamlessly transition from clinical work to becoming a sought-after coach. This method empowers you to confidently guide clients, establish yourself as a trusted authority, and move beyond trading hours for dollars.

Real Success Stories

Numerous coaches have embraced this method and achieved remarkable results. Sarah, Kristin, and Jen are just a few examples of clinicians-turned-coaches who experienced extraordinary transformations in their businesses and lives. Their stories demonstrate that you too can create the thriving coaching business and lifestyle you desire.

Are you ready to SHINE like a boss?

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