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Hey there – 

I see you. 

If you’re a clinician-turned-coach and you’ve landed on this page


Chances are you took our quiz and you are now very curious about what you’re missing to become a fully booked coach


And you're DYING to the exact steps to take to get there.


I’ve got the answers for you right here.

But first, some context


Listen – I know that you’re a clinician-turned-coach who wants to go from fully booked as a clinician to fully booked as a coach 


So that you can go FROM


🚫 Being afraid of getting in trouble for coaching even a little bit outside your clinical scope

🚫 Trading hours for dollars and being stuck in one on one care at a capped clinician’s salary

🚫 Having to be physically present to cup, manipulate, needle, tape, or tactile cue your clients

🚫 Constantly having to convince clients of the value of coaching over PT

🚫 Being held back for fear that you’ll be ostracized by your colleagues, parents, and organization for “throwing away” your DPT degree

🚫 Defaulting to selling PT sessions and staying in one on one care because it’s “Fun” or just to put money in your bank account


TO Instead

✅ Feeling fully confident to coach about mindset, relationships, and spirituality in addition to health and physical healing

✅ Moving beyond trading hours for dollars, have 3-4 days off per week, and make twice as much (or more!) as a coach than you ever did as a clinician

✅ Being able to travel whenever you want and help clients who live anywhere in the world

✅ People say I don’t know what you do or how, I just know I need you right now  life because you’re speaking right to me

✅ Being THE ONE your colleagues and friends refer their clients to and tag in facebook groups for your coaching programs

✅ Filling group programs and courses and having people lined up ready to buy them as soon as you launch


And in order to do that, you know you need a marketing and sales strategy that helps to clearly convey the difference between coaching and clinical work AND has soulmate clients showing up ready to enroll with you before they’re even on the phone with you.

Not to mention, you know you want to have the confidence and be able to take a strong stand for your identity as a coach … and do it with conviction so that feel like your identity as a coach creates deeper transformation in your clients than you were ever able to provide as a clinician.

But the problem is...

Even though you have clients blowing up your email saying nobody has ever helped them heal the way you have

You’re still only getting a trickle of coaching clients, and they don’t always see why your coaching work is more valuable than your clinical care.

You KNOW you need a sustainable and profitable way to step out of the medical model and clinical paradigm that is keeping you held back and limited in what you're able to do with your clients

And instead you desire to open up a whole new door of opportunity so you can earn more, reach more people, work on your own schedule

🤚 Here’s what you’re missing


See, you've pledged allegiance to a clinical practice model that dictates to you to what you can and cannot do 


This is why you worry about talking about mindset, feelings, nutrition, relationships and all the other things that have to do with your clients' well being because it's outside your scope


And that makes you feel invisible and overlooked. Plus you LONG to be able to totally go all in as a coach, yet you feel so held back in clinical work:

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👎🏻 When a patient walks through the door-you know deep inside that this coaching program you’ve had brewing is the exact thing they need to heal further and faster, but you hold yourself back from offering it (and sell PT instead) for fear you’ll get in trouble or they won’t see the value


👎🏻 You’re chatting with your PT colleagues and just know in your heart your coaching program would be so good for their patients, but you fear they’ll question whether coaching is credible


👎🏻 You see other medical providers in different fields thriving in the coaching world, making 6-7 figures – and think “that’s such a far off goal for ME, and I’m not sure how I’ll get there.”


I understand this because I've been there too.

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🚨 But listen–

It is simply not true that with all the experience and knowledge you have as a practitioner–


That you should have to remain SO LIMITED by the rules and regulations that hold you back as a clinician


And Just because most clinicians stay capped at a limited income level that requires them to trade hours for dollars, and almost never see 6 figures in their entire career–


That doesn’t mean it has to be the case for YOU as a coach 🚨

As a PT-turned-coach myself, I believe you have developed the skills and abilities it takes to successfully facilitate a deeper level of transformation in your client’s lives 


Which means – for you – you can WAY more seamlessly double or triple your capped clinician’s salary


👉🏻 All you're missing is the strategy, support, mindset and energy shifts you need to successfully do that


So you can shine WITHOUT feeling like you're throwing away your clinical degree and credentials.


Or feeling like you're going to be ostracized by your own colleagues, friends, family, or peer group

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For the past 7 years, my team and I have guided thousands of clinician-turned-coaches like you to go from fully booked as a clinician to fully booked as a coach, double your clinician’s salary, and work with clients just 2 days per week.


So you can go FROM


❌ Your success being based off of outdated clinical productivity models that reward you for how many clients you see in a week 

❌ Trading hours for dollars and having clients physically dependent on you to needle, cup, tactile cue, or tape them

❌ Being limited to how much you can earn in one on one care and having to work clients in off a waitlist after hours and on your lunch break

❌ Being afraid to talk about mindset, nutrition, spirituality, family relationships for fear of stepping out of your scope




🔥 Seeing just 3-4 clients per day, 2 days per week, with 3-4 extra days to focus on your own fitness, family time, projects, or CEO time

🔥 Being able to scale to group programs, courses, or simply be able to work from anywhere with clients who live across state or international lines

🔥 Making $10K - $20K months as the norm by selling programs to just 1-2 new clients per month

🔥 Feeling confident to coach about ALL the mind, body, and spirit matters that affect your clients’ well being without fear of being ostracized by your peers or getting in trouble


Curious how you can do that?

Here’s what some of our clients have experienced: 


🏆 Sarah went FROM being held back with a fully booked private practice schedule that barely replaced her clinician’s salary and not able to help clients across state lines TO instead selling out her POTS Wellness Coaching program with clients from other states AND seeing a $10K day


🏆 Kristin went FROM being fully booked as a sports physio TO hiring a clinician to take on her clinical caseload and fully booking her teen volleyball wellness program from just ONE webinar

🏆 Jen went FROM spending 9 months in marketing masterminds while being stuck in a PRN job while trying to grow her coaching business TO selling 2 new $4000 programs within 2 weeks of joining our program

And good news


 I want you to know these clients are not magical unicorns - you can create what they’ve created, too. 


If that sounds like something you’re craving, then I have fantastic news for you


The doors are now open to apply to be coached by our team.


We'll be guiding you to reveal the exact steps you can take to do the exact same thing for yourself that these clients have done.

By working with us you’ll go FROM


❌ Trading hours for dollars at a capped clinician’s salary and earning far below what you’re capable of making as a coach

❌ Working 40-60 hour weeks having to be physically present to cup, manipulate, needle, or tactile cue your clients 

❌ Being constantly ON all the time wondering where the next client is going to come from or if your colleagues will doubt your credibility




✅ Consistent 20K months where clients invest and pay in full for your packages and programs and no longer selling one off PT sessions just because it feels easier


​ ✅ Mondays and Fridays off to play with your kids, go to yoga, put away your laundry, and be able to work with clients from anywhere 


✅ Being THE one your colleagues send their clients to and feeling totally aligned to help clients heal their minds, bodies, and spirits

Julie G 081722-390.jpg

That sound like what you’re looking for? 


Duh, why wouldn’t it be?


If you’re not getting 2-3 new inquiries every week from people who are already ready to say YES to working with you as a coach 


And you’d rather be able to travel to the beach or the mountains and see your discovery calls booking with dreamy clients while you sip coffee and journal every morning


Then being coached by our team is what's for you.


Click  below to apply


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