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Spring Soul Tea

A Blessing + Envisioning Ceremony

Transform the blooming energy of spring into
soulful creations that dazzle and delight 

For women entrepreneurs with a strong desire to


Launch a new project into the world with ease and joy

Expand your business, job, or team from a rooted place

Nurture yourself and clients with steadfastness & courage

Tuesday, April 30 | 11 AM Eastern (US) | Free
(approximately 90 min)

Spring Tea Opt In

Are you an entrepreneur brimming with energy and ideas ... ready to expand your work with ease and joy? 

I created this delightful SPRING Tea Ceremony -- nestled directly between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice so that you can ...

If you're nodding, then you're in the right place 😉

Root in the energy of the SEASON while clarifying and blooming your next business project

PRIME your compass so you can birth your gifts and services with clear direction and purpose

Pull weeds and gently RELEASE the elements of your life and business that inhibit your growth

Plant the seeds of your desires with INTENTION, setting yourself up for an abundant harvest

NUTURE a self-sustaining garden that dazzles you and your clients for the rest of the year

Envision and celebrate what it will look like to GATHER and receive the fruits of your spring garden

Not only will you walk away with newly bloomed inspiration and creativity for your business (and your life...because we know you can't separate the two)
But you'll also get to hang in fellowship with the coolest ladies on the internet ready to toast to your co-creative power
What's this tea party all about?

As an entrepreneur, you are inundated every day with information challenging you to KEEP UP.


Do this, change this, grow this way, think this way, learn this new technology...

You do your self care, eat healthy, exercise ... while also signing up for webinars, networking, hiring and working with coaches, posting online, doing and going to workshops, tinkering endlessly with your messaging, working behind the scenes on your new programs or courses...

...rinse and repeat.

And chances are, somewhere amidst all the growing and expanding, it can be REALLY challenging to slow down enough to really celebrate, bless, and root and re-root yourself.

YOU are the roots of your business, and while you are probably really good at celebrating and tending to your clients and/or your team, who is tending to you? 

Who is making sure that your roots continue to receive the nourishment and fuel they need to nurture the garden of your business? 

Well, now that it's spring, it's time to do exactly that.

This is why I developed this SPRING Tea Party & Celebration -- nestled directly between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice -- a cosmic time of bountiful energy, expansion, and growth. 

I planned this event the day before May Day, which in many cultures is a time to celebrate the fertile energy of the season. As feminine types, this is a PERFECT time to tap in to your inner garden so that you can cultivate incredible things in your life this year.

My hope is that you can harness this energy and use it to fuel the desires and visions already inside of you, which is why

  • You won't be learning new business, leadership, or marketing tactics.

  • You won't watch a powerpoint and furiously take notes.

  • You won't get CEUs for coming to hang out.

No, you get to come and harness the fertile energy of SPRING to bloom into what's next for you ... or to continue to cultivate that which you're already growing.

Friendship and fellowship in entrepreneurship -- with people who truly *get* you and what you're passionate about -- can be hard to come by, so that's exactly what we're doing at this celebratory SPRING Tea, blessing, and envisioning ceremony.

So grab your favorite Tea Party bevvy (tea, coffee, cocktail, or mocktail), bring some finger sandwiches or snacks, and let's toast to you and all you're SPRINGING into! 

Sounds amazing, right? I can see you nodding now,
which means it’s time to get your hands on this quiz


About your Tea Party hostess, Julie Granger

Julie G 081722-172.jpg

Hey there! I’m Julie, a Soul Illumination Guide, intuitive marketing mentor, recovering clinician, and truth illuminator.


You can think of me as the doula for you, the female entrepreneur trying to navigate a life with ease, flow, and joy, share your story in a way that has people dropping their jaws and saying "you totally GET me," and guide your own clients to healthy, joyful, and fulfilling lives of their own.


In nearly 9 years of business, I've seen pretty much every side of entrepreneurship - whether it's being a solo PT clinic owner, leading a team of multiple clinicians and coaches, or trying on every possible coaching "hat" there is (health coach, life coach, business coach, mentor for health pros in teen health, etc).


I've gone through seasons of being REALLY inspired and growing exponentially like a weed. I've also gone through really hard seasons where it seems like I'm doing all that I can, but everything is falling down and drying up.


I've gone through seasons where I felt perfectly in "balance' between business and life.


I've gone through seasons where I felt I had to always be ON in order to maintain the steady flow of clients through the pipeline...stressing me emotionally and making my nervous system and body totally out of whack.

​I've taught courses, I've led and directed more webinars than I can count. I've had $300,000 launches. I've had $0 launches that totally flopped.

I've hired amazing team members who have stuck with me for years and fired people I once thought were my best friends.

I've wanted to burn the whole thing down and go get a 9-5 job more times than I can count.

Amidst all of that, the most important lesson I have learned is letting go of the masculinized approach to entrepreneurship that says GROW, SCALE, and constantly produce.


Instead I've developed and stepped into a more seasonal, feminine approach.

This approach has allowed me to let go of the rigid "launch, scale, grow" frameworks that feel like I'm constantly having to plan for the next thing, one-up myself, and grow-grow-grow ... to instead take a gentler, calmer, and more spacious approach to call in the most beautifully dedicated clients...all while seeing multiple 7 figure years.

The truth is -- as a female -- we can see the same levels of success as our male counterparts, but we are wired to do it differently. We are cyclical and "seasonal" creatures - just like nature. We are also wired to be surrounded in community of like-minded females.

Most importantly, we as women are wired to receive, bless, and celebrate -- instead of living in a neverending hyper-competitive focus on what needs to be fixed, improved, or upgraded. 


In other words -- our business and personal results are supposed to ebb and flow with the seasons, and we are Divinely designed to co-create and celebrate among others who are here to challenge, nuture, nourish, and celebrate us just as we are.

I created this Spring Tea ceremony as a complimentary event -- because I feel called to simply offer a fun, fellowship-driven event to YOU, even if you aren't a paying client. 

I'd love to invite you to join this blessing and ceremony and come see what being fully attuned to yourself -- and being showered with attunement from other like-minded entrepreneurs who truly *get* you can feel like in this SPRING season.

You might have some questions


When is the Tea Party & how long will it last?

The tea party will be Tuesday, April 30 at 11 AM Eastern Time (US). It will last approximately 90 minutes.


What is on the agenda?

It'll be a joyful mixture of woo, sisterhood, visioning, and celebration. We'll have an invocation and blessing, followed by celebrations, energetic clearing & letting go, intention & desire setting, and visioning and meditation. You will receive "tending and befriending" -- support, coaching, and sistering from me (Julie) and/or from the group, whichever feels best to you to help ground you in your vision and help you move forward. If you are wanting to sit with your camera off and be a fly on the wall but not participate or receive, this is not the event for you.


What is the investment?

This is a totally free event. The only investment I ask for is your time and a completely open heart - ready to give, receive, and walk away with more energy, clarity, and inspiration than you came with.


Is this basically a webinar or coaching call? 

No. I won't be flooding you with information. I'll be facilitating a blessing and ceremony. It also isn't the typical round-robin/hotseat coaching call that I offer inside of my paid coaching programs. It's a friendly blessing and celebratory party, in the vibe of Spring Tea, new birth, new growth, and a renewal of energy.


Is this a promo / will you be pitching or selling?  

No. While I have hosted countless delightful events in the past that included an offer to join a program, that is not the intention of this event. This is purely for fun and connection. That said, if you want to find out more about how we can work together, definitely reach out :-) 


Since it's virtual, can I get the recording?

Nope, not this time. The joy and expansiveness you'll feel from the event come from being fully present to give, receive and attune in a LIVE setting. If you aren't able to attend live, that's cool, but it may be best to sit this one out.


Is it cool if I need to come late or leave early?

We'll be starting right at 11 AM ET. So that I can stay focused on the attendees and so that other people's experience is not disturbed and interrupted, I won't be able to let people in late. If you know that you tend to run late to things, now is the time to plan ahead to arrive right on schedule. If you choose to duck out early, I have faith that you will receive exactly what was meant for you in the time you are able to stay.


Is there a theme/dress code?

I'll be rocking my "spring tea" best, because as a work-from-home girly girl who usually lives in athleisure and also loves to go outside and play in the dirt, I always am looking for a reason to wear my fun "dress up" clothes. I invite you to do the same -- but make that mean whatever is most meaningful to you. It could mean you wear a fun springy dress like you would to High Tea. Or maybe you'll rock your best tank and sweats, straight outta the gym, becuase that's when you stop at the coffee shop for a hot cup O'Joe. You do you, and wear what feels most "spring tea" themed to you. The pro of it being a Zoom event? You don't have to wear pants. In fact, I dare you not to. 


Do I have to be a physical therapist or coach to attend?

Nope! The only requirement is that you be a woman / femme-identifying person who is either an entrepreneur, entrepreneur-to-be, or someone who simply likes to hang out with those kinds of people.

Want in? 

Join us for the first ever

SPRING Tea Party!

Tuesday, April 30 at 11 AM Eastern (US)


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