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Wondering what you're missing to go from held back as a clinician
to fully booked and free as a WEALTHY coach? 

Take our 5-min quiz to find out now!


Become a sought-after coach with life full of freedom and a heart full of aligned clients 

Are You...

a clinician-turned-coach who wants to replace your clinician income as a coach all while only working 2-3 days per week?


If your heart is saying YES, then you're in the right place

Discover how to attract a pipeline of raving fans who seek YOU out in our free Wealthy Coach Community Facebook™ group

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Are you ready to become a Wealthy Coach? Find out with our free 5-min quiz

Go from secret to sought after in your clincian-turned-coaching business in the Wealthy Coach Collective 

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Discover exactly what's needed to take your coaching business to the next level with our Wealthy Coach Audit Session

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I'm here for you

I have guided thousands of clinician-turned-coaches like you across the globe to go:


Making a standard clinician salary that undervalues your expertise

Replacing your income as a coach and coaching outside your clinical scope

Working 40-60 hour weeks with no time to pee on your lunch break

4 day weekends to rest, do creative projects, and play

Being constantly ON because you’re the only one who can help the clients AND run the biz

Being the go-to choice for a pipeline of raving fans who seek YOU out

Here's The Truth, Friend

It is simply not true that going from being a sought-after clinician to a sought-after coach has to be so time consuming.

I don't subscribe to the "you won't make money in your first year" or "hustle more" philosophy (Gross!)

I totally get how it feels to work so hard and be so talented as a clinician, yet still remain the best kept secret in the coaching world

I've helped thousands of clinician-turned-coaches like you go FROM being the best kept secret TO  the sought after coach with a heart full of aligned clients -- and plenty of time free to play, explore, travel, and be with your family.


In my experience, most clinician-turned-coaches are totally missing a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting fully booked as a coach, and often fall into one of these 2 categories

And without knowing which category you’re in, it’s nearly impossible to attract soulmate-level clients inside a business you love 

  • Taking tons of coach trainings, but still not  promoting yourself fully as a coach

  • Questioning if the clinical profession is right for you anymore, but still not jumping into coaching

  • Worried you'll let your colleagues and patients down by moving into coaching

  • Taking too few vacations, working clients in after hours – and feeling like you have to choose one: business or family?

  • Only seeing a trickle of clients and wondering what it is you’re MISSING to grow your business faster?

  • Wondering when you'll finally be able to break free from your clinical work

  • Feeling tempted to lower your prices or offer one-off coaching sessions just to get clients in the door?

  • Being overbooked in one-on-one care and ready to scale to groups, wellness programs, or courses?

Julie G 080822-16_edited.jpg

Does that sound like you? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! I’ve been there, too.


What if instead, you could be 

  • Replacing your clinician income as a coach all while earning back 2-3 free days per week?


  • Having dream clients SEEK YOU OUT and say HELL YES to high end coaching prices that fully reflect the value of your expertise? 

  • Having a tried-and-true marketing plan that takes the guesswork off of you and doesn't require you to dance with anatomy models on video?


  • OFFLOADING the parts of your biz dependent on you and receiving clients while you're on vacation? 


That's where my SHINE Like a Boss Method comes in.  

Just take a second and imagine a life & business that gives you …


Calmness to close your computer every night and feel like you've done enough

Unshakable confidence and know-how to crush your biggest projects & goals

Inspiration and direction toward getting the dream clients that light you up

Six to eight weeks of unbridled time off and vacation per year

Extra days off during the week to rest, be with your family, or just be a goofball

Financial freedom from loans before your kids go to college

Doesn’t that sound amazing?  

Duh, Of course it does! And good news – you won’t have to imagine it much longer… This is the reality we help our clients achieve and you could be living after completing our Wealthy Coach Collective coaching program



Hey there! I’m Julie, a business coach and truth illuminator.


I love to guide high performing physical therapy and health entrepreneurs to illuminate and grow profitable businesses they love that bring them consistent 5 figure months and earn them back 2-3 free days per week.

If you’re anything like me, your clients email you after your sessions glowing about how good they feel


And you want to grow your business so you can be more in charge of your own schedule without being chained to a busy high volume insurance-based clinic or an overbooked schedule in your own practice.

But right now, you feel like you’re constantly ON during all hours of the day in order to grow.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know I’ve been there.

Dr. Julie Granger

But before we get to my story, I just want to let you in on a little secret –


Growing a business you love doesn’t have to feel like you’re on the set of Ninja Warrior jumping through hoops just to get clients and keep them happy all while keeping the wheels of your business turning in the background.

So I get what you are feeling right now. Because I’ve been there, too.


Against the advice of several mentors and colleagues and while going through cancer treatment, I created a unique business model – my SHINE Like a Boss Method – that allowed me to double my PT salary in just 9 months and get 2-3 free days back per week...


And even though my grind-at-all-costs old self wouldn’t even recognize me today-I’m not a magical unicorn.


This is a vision I hold for EVERYONE who wants to grow a profitable PT and coaching business with consistent 5 figure months and 4 day weekends.


Which means, you can do it too.

Whether you’re SCOUTING, SEEKING, or SHINING, our team has been where you are 

Everything we teach in the SHINE method – we've first mastered within our own lives and businesses over our 65+ years of business experience.
And we continue to practice it daily – because it WORKS. 

Want to learn more about our team? 

Jeanne Spadaccini

Inner Wisdom Tour Guide


Meridith McCarty

Outsourcing and Systems Coach 

These Client Results Illuminate What Is Possible For You 

Before I took this program, I heard from other PT business mentors that running a business was complicated and I'd need to "pay my dues" before I could make a decent income. Y'all – Don't believe the bullshit!


This program helped me think differently.


Now, I'm selling packages to patients who easily say YES, have a nearly full schedule, and have the flexibility to take vacations, spend time with friends, and even start a family in the coming years.


Jackie Roelofs 
Physical Therapist


Before taking this program, I worked 60 hour weeks – I worked as hard as I could to make my boss happy. 


Now, I have passed the 6-figure mark in my own health coaching business and have been able to scale back my employee job to just 2 days per week. 


I've taken a ton of clinical trainings in my life, and this was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.


Dawn Allen
Women's Health Coach


Before this program, I gave up my own personal appointments, lunches, and workouts for patients. I was seeing only 1 new patient per week after getting a lot of "no's" from people who wanted to use their insurance.

Now I enroll 80-90% of my discovery visits and they are all SOULMATE clients who say hell yes and pay in full! 

Plus, I was able to close my clinic for an entire week to spend time with family this summer and not worry about my revenue or patients.

April Morrison
Physical Therapist

These clients were once where you are. They’re not magical unicorns. Which means you can create results like this, too. Discover how in our Wealthy Coach Collective Coaching Program


Before you go...  

Hey friend – We see you still scrolling! If you’ve made it to the bottom of this page, we invite you to pause and consider that there is no "right" time... Your vision is waiting. There are thousands of people out there poised and ready for YOU to help them change their lives. And as a result, you'll be able to change YOURS.​ You know that every time you finally let go, trust yourself, and get coaching and support, it quantum leaps your results. What if you could finally make THIS a reality...​​​​

Having Mondays and Fridays OFF – hello, 4 day weekends! 

Paying double on your student loans and still having leftovers for savings

Becoming a 10 AM Yoga class person instead of cramming it in before work

Waking up to the sun, not an alarm

Eating lunch at your kids' school once a week instead of writing notes on your lunch break

Getting weekly massages because you just love them, not because you need them to keep your body in one piece

This Is All Available to You!

But its NOT available if you’re not CRYSTAL CLEAR on why you’re still stuck, and instead how to go FROM

Making a standard industry salary that undervalues your expertise

Replacing your clinician income as a coach and feeling the value you bring to clients’ lives

Working 40-60 hour weeks with no time to pee on your lunch break

Having 4 day weekends to rest, do creative projects, and play

Being constantly ON because you’re the only one who can help the clients AND run the biz

Being the go-to choice for a pipeline of raving fans who seek YOU out 

Questioning if this profession is even right for you anymore

Feeling totally aligned with your BIGGER PURPOSE

No matter whether you’re wanting to replace your clinician income as a coach or double or triple it, we are here to support you.
Dancing Woman

If you want to discover what you're missing to become fully booked and FREE as a Wealthy Coach with our free 5-min quiz

Discover how to attract a pipeline of raving fans who seek YOU out with our free trainings and join a community of like-minded clinicians and coaches in our free Wealthy Coach Community Facebook™ group

If you’re ready to fully commit to creating a coaching business you love that gives you oodles of free time and aligned clients, then I invite you to apply for the Wealthy Coach Collective Coaching Program

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Discover exactly what's needed to take your coaching business to the next level with our Wealthy Coach Audit Session


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