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 Take the 

Fully Free &
Fully Booked Coach

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In just 7 minutes, you'll uncover exactly what you're missing in your coaching business to

Avoid costly mistakes that have ideal clients ignoring  you and hiring other coaches who are half as qualified 

Sell high end coaching programs instead of continuing to rely on in-person clinical sessions to pay the bills

Stop spending nights and weekends on your laptop searching for leads and instead be fully present with your kids & family

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Are you a clinician-turned-coach wondering what you're missing to get fully booked as a coach AND free yourself from the clinical grind that's holding you back? 

So then I'm curious --
wouldn't it be incredible if you could...

Double your clinician’s salary with CONSISTENT $10K-$20K months as a coach ... all while earning back 2-3 free days per week?

Stand out in your marketing without needing to do funky dances and wave around anatomy models on videos?

Get dream clients to say HELL YES to high end prices that fully reflect the value of your expertise?

Cut your marketing time in HALF and have prospective clients AND colleagues blowing up your email with coaching referrals who are an EASY yes?

I can literally SEE you nodding through the internet 😉

Duh! Of course that would be incredible!
If you agree, then you're in the right place.

I've created this free quiz just for you.

Is this you, Coach?

If you are a clinician wanting to get fully booked as a coach, you've likely found yourself in one of these scenarios:


👎🏻When a patient walks through the door-you know a coaching program would be SO much better, but you hold yourself back from offering it (and sell clinical services instead) for fear you’ll get in trouble for stepping out of your scope, or fear they won’t see the value in coaching


👎🏻You’re chatting with your clinical colleagues and just know in your heart your coaching program would be so good for their patients, but you fear they’ll question whether coaching is credible or they'll see you as a competitor trying to steal their clients


👎🏻You see other medical providers in different fields thriving and making 6+ figures in the coaching world – and think “that’s such a far off goal for ME, and I’m not sure how I’ll get there.”

And that has you feeling like you're being held back in the clinical world, and you have no idea what you're missing to FINALLY break free into the coaching world you know will bring both you AND your clients a better life.


If that's you, then you're in the right place!


As a clinician-turned-coach myself, I've been there and I get it!


I find that most clinicians-turned-coaches like you are missing a key ingredient to becoming both fully free AND fully booked as a coach-- and because of that, you're still held back in the clinical grind.


And until you know EXACTLY what you're missing, it's very difficult to move into a world where you're effortlessly fully booked as a coach.


Once you discover that, you'll then be able to uncover the exact next steps you need to step into a coaching business that will help you SHINE Like a Boss.


This quiz is designed to help you do exactly that.

By taking this quiz, you'll  discover what you're missing AND how to go FROM

Trading hours for dollars at a capped clinician’s salary and earning far below what you’re capable of making as a coach


Working 40-60 hour weeks having to be physically present to cup, manipulate, needle, or tactile cue your clients


Being constantly ON all the time wondering where the next client is going to come from or if your colleagues will doubt your credibility

Consistent 20K months where clients invest and pay in full for your packages and programs and no longer selling one off PT sessions just because it feels easier


Mondays and Fridays off to play with your kids, go to yoga, put away your laundry, and be able to work with clients from anywhere

Being THE one your colleagues send their clients to and feeling totally aligned to help clients heal their minds, bodies, and spirits

Sounds amazing, right? I can see you nodding now,
which means it’s time to get your hands on this quiz


About the quiz's creator, Dr. Julie Granger


Hey there! I’m Julie, a business coach and truth illuminator.


I love to guide clinician-turned-coach entrepreneurs to double their clinician income and working HALF the time they would as a clinician.

When I started my coaching business, all I wanted was to replace the income I earned in my own PT business and get 4 day weekends.


I was already an expert in my coaching niche, so my schedule filled fast.


But I felt like I had to be constantly ON in order to maintain the steady flow of coaching clients through the pipeline.


Not to mention, it seemed I was constantly explaining to people the difference between coaching and PT, and all the people who SAID they’d refer coaching clients kept sending clients asking for needling and manual therapy.


To make matters worse, I was still only barely replacing my clinician income, which meant

  • My 6-figure student loan number was NOT going down. 

  • I hadn’t taken a REAL vacation in 6 years 

  • I hadn’t gotten the 2-3 days off per week I wanted 

After missing Pilates then snapping at my husband for the 3rd time for leaving a sock in the middle of the floor (how dare he?)

The embarrassing truth washed over me--


“Shit Julie. How is this coaching business really any different from your life as a PT?”


This time though, I couldn’t attribute it to the paperwork and superbills and “do you take my insurance” questions I used to constantly field as a PT.


I was just doing it to myself. 


I remember wondering -- how do HELL do people run a coaching business AND go to Vail to ski for 2 weeks in February?

I saw clinician-turned-coach colleagues thriving and felt like that was so far off for me.


This made a lot of sense when I looked at what so many other PT - turned coach entrepreneurs were saying--


That growing a successful practice meant choosing your business ove your family and it would take 5 years of hustle (and a ton of pushy online marketing) to make the big bucks.

I was so tired of agreeing to “rules” that said I had to “put in my time” so that other professionals who were competing with me could stay comfortable. So, I made my own.

Against the advice of several colleagues, I created a unique 5-step SHINE Like a Boss method that allowed me to double my clinic owner salary to $250K in just 9 months and get 2-3 days back per week...

And now it has evolved into an online coaching business that has allowed me to


  • Create $1 million in sales through sell-out programs for coaches across the globe

  • Eliminate $150K in student loan debt in one fell swoop while traveling full time in an Airstream with my husband and  pups

  • Pay full price for lay down seats on trip to Europe with a team to handle the hard parts of my biz while I bike through glaciers

  • Purchase a newly renovated home in a vacation town full of beautiful furniture from West Elm, not Target

  • Enjoy 3 SLOW days off every week to hike, bike, paddleboard and lay around and read over coffee


I couldn’t be more grateful to myself standing up to the “rules” and choosing to make my own. But I'm not a magical unicorn.


This is a vision I hold for EVERY clinician who wants to grow a coaching business with consistent 20K months and 4 day weekends.


That means-- you can do this too.

My team and I have helped thousands of clinician-turned coaches across the globe to do exactly that.

I'd love to invite you to join this movement of coaches and move beyond trading hours for dollars with this one-of-a-kind quiz, where I'll show you exactly how to do that yourself.

 Our client results illuminate what is possible for you

175_Sarah Dueffert Headshots 2022 - Sarah Dueffert.jpeg

I was constantly RUSHING in my neuro PT business … rushing to drop my son at daycare, rushing to cook dinner, and rushing to get all my marketing done so I could SLEEP.


Now, I have the confidence to fully market myself as a coach – and never be afraid of getting in trouble with the “PT police or working with clients across state lines”

And best of all –I have confidently sold $5000 coaching programs and even made $10K in ONE DAY. 


My life has completely changed, now I have full days off with my son, and I no longer feel rushed!

Sarah Dueffert
Neuro PT - turned - POTS Wellness Coach

Profie Photo 600 x600 befunky-min - Dawn Allen.png

Before following this methodology, I worked 60 hour weeks as a nurse practitioner- and I worked as hard as I could to make my boss happy. 


Now, I have passed the 6-figure mark in my own health coaching business and have been able to scale back my employee job to just 2 days per week and I'm ready to go fulltime in my mindset coaching business.


I've taken a ton of clinical trainings in my life, and this was by far more valuable training that anything I have ever taken. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.

Dawn Allen
Doctor of Nursing Practice - turned- Mindset Coach

KB - Kristin Bignell.png

“As a clinician turned teen volleyball wellness coach, there were a LOT of unknowns for me in navigating how to market myself as a coach and fill a group program, knowing whether to speak to parents teens or both. 

One thing I didn’t know, I didn’t know was that unlike my clinical business - there weren’t really rules I had to follow in my coaching business, and this sat REALLY well with me, even though the lack of rules felt scary.

Now I have been able to sell out my teen volleyball wellness program with just ONE webinar, and already have people signing up for the next one"

Kristin Bignell
Sports Physio - turned - Teen Volleyball Wellness Coach


Want in? 

Take the free quiz now to find out

what you're missing

to become fully free & fully booked a coach


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