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C  L  U  B

T  H  E


A 5 month virtual coaching membership for established business owners
in the clinical, coaching, or wellness space

Currently enrolling to current/previous clients only

Illuminate and claim deeper joy and freedom in your life while sustainably nurturing your business

Confidently be full time in your business ... with an offer and program you (and your clients) are completely jazzed about

FINALLY launch the new program or service that's been on your mind ... in a sustainable way that feels relaxing and fun

Secure extended time off for the things you've been dreaming about ... like travel, caring for family, or just taking a damn break

Implement reimagined marketing, sales, and operations which attract the BEST clients and aligns with you in THIS season


Hiya, friend! Thanks for being here.
Let's reconnect start with this video here👇

Now I've got a question-

Are you an entrepreneur who senses it's time to SHIFT and you want to do so while honoring yourself & your loved ones?

If you felt the slightest bit of goosebumps or a sigh of relief reading that, you're my people 😉

So then I'm curious --
wouldn't it feel DELICIOUS if you could...

Have the confidence and conviction to feel jazzed about your offer ... and know exactly who it's for and how to explain how rad it is in words people actually GET so they say "YES I WANT THAT"?

Take extended time off for travel, caring for a child or aging parents, medical procedures - or simply a break to regroup ... with the assurance of consistent income or savings to support you?

Reignite the flame and passion in your work  ... with the creative mojo and conviction to confidently launch and FILL your new program or service? (I see you, clinicians moving into coaching!)

Feel grounded in an easy-to-stick-to marketing & sales process that has clients seeking YOU out ... while surrendering the outdated "I must post or show up every day" regimen

Duh! Of course that would be incredible!

If you agree, then you're in the right place.

I've created this first-of-its-kind club just for you

Image-74 - Allison Ingley.jpg
 Turns out there ARE enough hours in the day but I just needed to change my clinical "give give give" mindset to see it.

After being coached only 3 weeks, I went from having 1 client the entire month of October ...

To bringing in 8 new DREAM clients in November!"

— Allison Ingley, Ohio
happy sleep sara - Sara Smith.jpg
"I had been helping others left and right as a clinician but wondering why my coaching business wasn't working out for me. I loved learning how and where to sell in a way that works for me and what is a total waste of time!

I am finally back to working only 20-30 hours a week instead of pretending I was working 30 hours a week but really working 40-50!"

— Sara Smith, Virginia

If you've been in my world before, maybe this is you...

You've launched your business into the world and have proof positive that this shit works.

Not to mention - you've tasted the sweet sweet nectar of freedom that comes with being the BOSS of Your Career


But now you're learning that the glory, success, and freedom you once tasted has started to feel sticky...cumbersome...or wobbly in more places than you'd like.  

You now feel the occasional - or sometimes often - feelings of doubt, insecurity, and even loneliness...

🤔 And you can't help but wonder "Am I still on the right track? Something" 


You go down the checklist in your head of what you've already done that "should" be making things easier on you as an entrepreneur 👇

You've hired a VA, social media manager, or another provider to see clients -- and while they've taken SOME work off your shoulders, managing them is a DIFFERENT kind of challenge

You're dialed in on your biz and personal care - CEO time, meditating, journaling, energy work, surrender, cuddling with your dogs, Taylor Swift dance parties, exercise, and getting outside

Your online presence is brilliant -a freakin' G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S website ... plus you're regularly posting things that fully reflect what you're about 

You meet with your biz bestie(s) to trade ideas and support, refer and discuss clients, do your annual & quarterly planning, or just have a coffee or a cocktail  

You've joined other business masterminds or hired other coaches ... and you found them helpful, but something just didn't feel "at home" to you

Which leaves you feeling puzzled – wondering why things don't feel as easy and simple as they once did.


LAWDY, You're not alone. I've been there too, friend!


After helping thousands of clinicians, coaches, and wellness pros build profitable online and brick & mortar businesses AND most importantly come home to themselves in beautiful, self loving ways


I have noticed a unique phenomenon that is relatively silenced, misunderstood, and downright gaslighted


You might think you're burned out, or you just need more mindset or energy work, or you need to double down on your self care, or you need a whole new marketing strategy...or whatever.


But before you run off for a weekend retreat with your journal, laptop, and meditation pillows -- I want you to know there is something else -- and you deserve to know why you feel this way 👇🏻


High Performance


Wind down &




& Development


Rest &


To every business there is a season...

Like all things in nature -- you and your business are built to naturally ebb and flow through various seasons and energetic states.

At the birth and developmental stage of your business, things are clunky and need a lot of TLC  (SPRING)

Once you're steady on your feet, your business becomes an energized and high performing machine (SUMMER)

Eventually, that iteration of your business matures and it's time to shift (AUTUMN)

And finally, it shifts back into the rest and gestation phase - where new visions and ideas formulate under the surface (WINTER)

What season are you currently in? Which season do you DESIRE to be in?

But the problem is...

The problem is -- our very masculine business culture teaches you to strive for 'HIGH PERFORMANCE" at all costs while competing with others.

Which goes against your very feminine nature to commune and raise yourself and your business through the seasons with love, nurturing, and support.

You might be stuck in the high performance phase, or perhaps you haven't quite moved into it yet because it feels like it would be A LOT.

You're meant to flow THROUGH seasons, not stay stuck in one. Which may be why something feels "off" to you.

👉 The truth is, it's time to catalyze your business into the next season

And it's time to do that with support

Which is exactly why I created the Catalyst Club 👇

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C  L  U  B

T  H  E


A 5 month virtual coaching membership for established business owners
in the clinical, coaching, or wellness s

For current/former clients only


You want to stay the course

You want to cultivate your established clinical, coaching, wellness, or nonclinical business sustainably and in a way that brings joy, but also expand with more income & growth


You want to shift into a hybrid model


You to play around and shift into a new service or offering (like coaching, courses, or even nonclinical work) while still offering the good thing you've already got going 

You want to fully let go and reinvent


... from established business, service, job, team members, or operational structures so you can focus ONLY on cultivating and growing what's next - even if it's a completely different work


Who is this club for? 

 "I'd taken multiple marketing masterminds with the "big names" doing complex launches to fill my coaching program. But I'd only get a trickle of clients and I'd be so burned out on marketing.

Plus, those coaches didn't "get me" as a clinician transitioning into coaching.

I've gotten 4 high end coaching clients by working LESS than I ever have, walking in the forest daily, spending weekends with family AND I had 5 consistent months over $10K"

— Allison Poole, Perimenopause Coach
Profie Photo 600 x600 befunky-min - Dawn

"I was working 60 hour weeks as a Nurse Practitioner just to make my boss happy.


 For the first time in my life, I chose me, my business, my family. I got so booked as a coach I dropped all the way down to 1 day per week.


I have spent so much more on clinical and certification programs in my life and this coaching was by far more valuable that anything I have ever taken so far. It is a life changer and not just for my business but most importantly for my family.!"

— Dawn Allen, Women's Health & Mindset Coach

In this club, you'll be fully supported to go FROM

Grappling with ambivalence about how much clinical work – if any – you want to do. Sure, it is “easier money.” But you know  you really belong more in the coaching or non-clinical space. 


Knowing deeply it’s time to shift your niche or business model, but feeling wobbly about how to do this without quitting cold turkey on something you’ve invested so much time and energy into 


Being tired of the rigid and pushy masculine "grow/scale/push/hustle" tactics that have dominated the scene since 2020, even when they're disguised as "soulful" and "mindset based"


Feeling weighed down from the responsibility of managing your team members and keeping them happy and doing great work for you and your clients

Feeling like something is “off” in your marketing process – it feels more cumbersome and less consistent than you’d like 

Losing steam and conviction after a hiccup happened in your personal life – spouse laid off, death or health issues in you or a family member, divorce, home repairs, big move, travel

Getting tongue-tied or having diarrhea of the mouth every time someone asks you to explain the new thing you're offering (ex: coaching work, non-clinical work) 

Noticing your clients are addicted to quick fixes – expecting you to work magic and miracles at every session

Being full conviction about how much clinical work you’re doing – and feeling grounded in that decision as the best step for yourself in this season of business and life


Feeling the excitement of stepping in to an upgraded niche or biz model that fully aligns with what inspires you in this season while lovingly letting go of what no longer serves you or your clients

Adopting a feminine and intuitive approach that honors your rhythms and the very nature of ebb and flow in  business and releases the pressure from YOU to go against your divine design

Simplifying how you ensure your team’s effectiveness  – even if that means you may need to actually remove people from your team.

Redesigning a marketing strategy that fits your needs in this season and attracts in super groovy clients while letting go of distractions that fizzle out in the long run

Tending to and letting go of the heavy parts slowing you down, and gaining momentum while feeling more plugged in and revitalized with your mission than you have in years

Confidently offering coaching as the first-line option to clients who are a perfect match and not even mentioning to them the option for clinical work

Attracting and enrolling self aware clients on day 1 who already own their process and do not desire you “fix”or “heal” them

Sounds amazing, right? I can see you nodding now,
which means it’s time to tap that button and sign up



Here's how you'll get there

Challenge Graphic_edited.png


Coach Framework

T  H  E

01. The Wealth of Certainty

Solidify safety & certainty in your coach or service provider identity and skills while surrendering the rigid medical and societal conditioning, masculine marketing tactics, and Clinician Contract that holds you & your clients back 

02. The Wealth of Conviction

Root yourself in conviction in the transformation you help your clients achieve, one that you can fully get behind, can clearly EXPLAIN right now, and calls in empowered clients ready to take the reins in their own lives instead of relying on you to "fix" or "heal" them

03. The Wealth of Contribution

Create an irresistible business model and offer that allows you to confidently contribute outstanding results and FREE yourself and your clients from the elements of your business that limits you and your clients

04. The Wealth of Captivation

Be the captivating go-to provider by identifying the exact revenue-generating and marketing activities that fit you in this season and attract aligned clients ready to do the deeper work, own their process, and get excellent results

No matter what kind of business you're in -- clinical, coaching, wellness, or non-clinical -- most feminine-identifying entrepreneurs THRIVE by focusing on 4 keys to wealth, outlined in the Wealthy Coach Framework
And if you're wondering--yes, this applies to you even if you're not offering coaching 😉


Here's how the club works

You asked. I'm listening. I curated this club based on feedback & requests I've received

from former clients for years.

This is for you if you don't necessarily need someone looking over your shoulder to support you and guide you ... 

... but you can't help but think that it would be SO NICE to just be able to check in when you are hitting a wall, when you're birthing something new, or when the sh*t has hit the fan and you just want walk through it with support.

This is for you if you don't desire an intensive (and expensive!) program with the expectation to utilize all the things you paid a LOT of money to receive.

And this is definitely for you if you desire to have a community of like-minded folks around you cheering you on and picking you up when you're down

That you? Then read on! 

Because you're tapped in and attuned so well to yourself and your business, you probably ALSO know exactly what kind of support works best for you ... and what type of support just doesn't land well or you don't need now.

Which means ... you get to Be the Boss of your Coaching Membership 😉

You'll have exclusive access to ALL of the resources of the Wealthy Coach Collective - my signature coaching program - including all the groovy folks inside of it. 

Some of these resources will be included in your membership. 


Other resources will be available as an a la carte add on at any time for an additional, discounted fee. 


This means you get the power to CHOOSE which features you want to use and which you don't

I can hear your sighs of relief now.

2 Live calls per month (included)

Tap in, check in, and get wrapped in a supportive hug via your choice of up to 2 of our 4 signature monthly calls.


You choose the call topic, the coach, and the frequency based on your needs, desires, and schedule

  1. General Coaching w/Julie

  2. Energy & Breathwork w/Jeanne

  3. Coaching Skills w/Julie

  4. Biz Ops & HR w/Meridith

*note: call recordings are not included in the membership, but are available as an add on. This membership is likely not a fit if you are not able to commit to showing up live.

Round-the-clock support  (included)

For those times you have a random question that pops into your head in the shower and you just need some support, validation, affirmation, or clarifying -- we've got you in our private FB community.

We'll also prompt you with optional weekly accountability journaling and weekly celebration threads.

You'll also be able to post any copy or messaging into our signature thread where you will receive Julie's eyes, ears, and dedicated attention on anything you create or produce 

A la carte add ons 
(additional discounted fee)

Perhaps you desire to have the deeper attention of private coaching, hash out a big project, or sharpen your knowledge with video modules.


You have the power of CHOICE to add on as many of the following a la carte coaching options at any frequency you desire (at a discounted, members-only fee):

1.  Private call w/Julie

2. Half VIP Day w/Julie

3. Wealthy Coach Audit 

4. Coaching Skills CEU Course

5. Resource Library (Videos & Handouts)

Here's what you receive as a club member


Get in the vibe with a sneak peek at what clients are saying inside

Do you feel goosebumps reading those? Same friend, same.

If your heart is feeling tugged to be surrounded by THAT kind of energy - then tap that lil button below and join the club! 

How would it feel to start your year with the peace of mind that you could...

Pricing setup

Have the security to GO or STAY full time in your biz - and feel super jazzed about your offer, who it's for, and how explain it in words people understand so they say "YES I WANT THAT"?

Take extended time off for travel, caring for a child or aging parents, medical procedures - or simply a break to regroup ... with the assurance of consistent income or savings to support you?

Reignite the flame and passion in your work  ... with the creative mojo and conviction to confidently launch and FILL your new program or service?

Feel grounded in an easy-to-stick-to marketing & sales process that has clients seeking YOU out ... while surrendering the exhausting & outdated "I must post or show up every day"  regimen 

If your heart just did a little cartwheel imagining any of that for yourself, I invite you to join us! 

My clients pay anywhere between $10,000 and $40,000 for personalized, attuned, and deeply transformational support and guidance.

That may have even been you at one point. 😘

But you're not going to have to pay anything near that to be a member of this club.

It's priced lower because I wanted it to be far more of a no brainer to receive the community & support you deserve 

You'll get access to the caliber of support you received in the Be the Boss Discovery Program, Illumination Program, or private coaching programs ... for a fraction of the investment.

All the feels and face plants of entrepreneurship aren't optional. 


But navigating them with the support and love of people who GET YOU, SEE YOU, and HAVE YOUR BACK is totally up to you. 

When you enroll in the Catalyst Club, you get access to all of the following:

Monthly General Coaching Session ($2500 value).

Nothing is off the table in this monthly call. Bring your business, marketing, copy & messaging, mindset, spirituality, energetics questions ... and more! 

Monthly Coaching Skills Roundtable ($2500 value).

Solidify your coaching skills and mindset in this monthly session. We'll go over case studies, practical skills, coaching energetics -- and help you fully stand rooted in your Coach Identity and skills.

Monthly Energy & Breathwork Session ($2500 value)

Shifting your energy, intention, and identity during the seasons of your business can bring up some "junk." It takes a lot of courage, trust, connection, and confidence to keep moving without ignoring those important parts of you. This session holds beautiful space to keep you in tip top shape -- operating on all cylinders (a client fave!)

Monthly Freedom Factory Session ($2500 value).

Say goodbye to procrastination, overwhelm, and tech nightmares. In the Freedom Factory, our expert coach who guide you to build and streamline the back end of your business, hiring process, and team management so that they run like a well oiled machine -- and you can focus on what you love to do most instead.

Private Professional Networking Community ($8000 value).

It is our very nature to be communal and raise ourselves (and our businesses) with the help of a village. Going against that goes against our very internal rhythms, and can lead to unnecessary stress and microtrauma in your body and your business. Wrap yourself with the coolest and most loving tribe on the internet and see the magic happen.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Unlimited deep personal coaching and support with Julie ($10000 value).

In the Catalyst club, you get the option to add on unlimited private calls at a discounted, members-only rate. As a club member, you get 20% off this session.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Half VIP Day with Julie ($5000 value)

You may have a big event or workshop coming up. Or maybe you want to do your annual or quarterly plan with the attention and care of someone who can illuminate things you don't see. Or perhaps you to overhaul your messaging due to a new ideal client, niche, or program. A LOT gets done on these days and they have been a client favorite for years. As a club member, you get up to 20% off this session.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Wealthy Coach Resource Library ($10000 value).

You'll never wonder "How do I do ______" again, with our thoughtfully and expertly curated resource library of video modules, created in SHORT segments with your busy life in mind. While video modules and live call recordings are NOT included in your membership, you can add them on for up to 75% off.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Wealthy Coach Audit ($5000 value).

You'll do a guided inventory of your business and receive a detailed roadmap and personalized assessment from Julie of exactly where you're SHINING, where you have room for growth, and the top 3 places to focus this year. As a club member, you can add this on for up to 20% off.

OPTIONAL ADD ON: Coaching Skills CEU course ($400 value).

This course was held live in November 2023, but the recording is still eligible for up to 5 PT CEUs (approved by APTA Georgia). As a club member, you can add this on for up to 20% off.


Your investment: $3900

Monthly payment plan of $700/mo available at checkout

Total Value: $48400

Join the Catalyst Club

Enrolling now for current/former clients only

What clients are saying 


So you might have some more questions...

What happens if I can't make it to the live calls? 

Your 5-month club membership includes up to 2 of our 4 live group coaching calls per month. You can choose based on your schedule or desires. It's all up to you. Note: the recordings to live calls are not included in your membership. You may add them on a la carte as an additional fee as part of our entire video resource library. 

What if I'm not working as a clinician or coach? 

That's perfectly OK! If you've been a former client, you know we aren't exclusive and the way we coach and guide can be easily personalized to you and your industry.

What are the program dates and times?

Most group calls will occur on Thursdays around noon Eastern Time (US). You will be sent the group call schedule after you enroll.**Note: this schedule is subject to change at the discretion of our team

I’m busy right now. When is your next program?

Great question! This program has ongoing enrollment. If you feel a tug to join, we'd love to see you if it is aligned.

How does the program work?

As soon as you enroll and complete your client agreement, you will receive immediate access to our online private group, and receive the specific week by week schedule of group calls so you can plan ahead and block your schedule. 

How do the add-ons work? 

If you already know you desire deeper support and resources, you can purchase add ons at their BIGGEST discount (between 20-75% off) at checkout for this program. If you add later - it'll be between 15-60% off. If you purchase a private session, you will have access to schedule it after you purchase. 

Will I get personalized coaching?

Yes! We keep the program small and intimate because it's really important to us that you feel seen, heard, held, and COACHED as an individual.  You can also add on private coaching, private VIP days, and a private Wealthy Coach Audit for an additional fee at any time if you desire more support.

Groups typically aren’t my thing and I prefer one on one coaching. Is there an option for me?  

You can purchase unlimited one on one calls as part of your membership. You can opt into the Illumination Level of the Wealthy Coach Collective (starts at $15K investment) or the Soul Illumination Sisterhood (SISter, starts at $35K investment) -- both of which afford you multiple one on one coaching calls with Julie and gives you private Slack access to Julie between calls.

How does the facebook group work? 

If you've been a member of our group programs before, you know we provide a full blanket of accountability, support, funny memes and GIFs. It's amazing to see how our clients rally around each other. This is where you will have the option to participate in weekly journaling and reflection threads.  

Can I have a payment plan?

Yes! We understand that you may like to keep extra cash in your checking account each month. You can choose to pay in full or pay in 6 monthly installments of $700 at checkout.

Hiiii! I'm so glad you're here!

If you're reading this, it means we've probably spent some time together. We might even go WAY back...

I've created the program I always wanted for myself. Navigating the seasons of business in a self honoring, divinely feminine way is best done when wrapped in support, because even with the best of intentions, it's challenging to exist as a business owner in a world that wants you to do ANYTHING but honor yourself.

As a client, it has never made sense to me that coaching programs just ... end. Sure, you may re-enroll (yay!), but that's not always what you need.

What if you're in the season where you still want support but like..not as much? 


There just aren't a lot of programs out there that don't cost you an arm and a leg OR make you feel like you're a very small fish in a big pond for ongoing support. My programs included (well, until now, that is). 

Enter -- the Catalyst Club. I'm thrilled to share the unique gifts from myself and my team members.

I do hope you'll come hang in the club with us. It would be an honor and delight!

Sending you love!



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